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The following table contains general and technical information about a range of Internet Relay Chat bots (IRC bots).


IRC Bot Primary developers Software license Operating system Programming language First public release - date (version) Latest version - date (version) Notable features Website
Cinch Dominik Honnef, Lee Jarvis MIT Unix-like Ruby 2010-07-08 (0.3.2) 2013-11-03 (2.0.10) Threaded, object-oriented [1]
Darkbot Jason Hamilton, juice GPL Unix-like C  ?  ?  ? [1]
Daskeb Digit GPL Unix-like Haskell  ?  ? minimal starter bot [2]
Eggdrop Eggheads GPL Cross-platform C 1993-12 2011-10-25 (1.6.21)  ? [3]
EnergyMech Proton GPL Unix-like C  ? 2009-07-24 (3.0.99p3)  ? [4]
FoxEye Andriy Grytsenko GPL Unix-like C 2011-01 (beta) 2011-02-24 (0.9b10) Multithreaded, multinetworked. Encoding chosen per user or network. Extendible by plugins, can be used as client or whatever. Currently supported scripts: Lua, Tcl. [5]
Gambot Derek Hoagland GPL Unix-like Perl 2011-1-1 2011-07-16 (1.0) Framework for creating bots. Messages handled completely asynchronously. Extensible in any programming language. Can be updated without reconnecting, restarting, or reloading. [6]
Gozerbot Bart Thate BSD Unix-like Python  ?  ? (1.0.1) IRC and XMPP bot; can be bridged with Google Wave [7]
guppy team; nicknamed 'G24' GPL Cross-platform Python 2011-03-20 2012-11-20 (0.4.2) easy to install, modular structure [8]
Ibid Jonathan Hitchcock, Michael Gorven, Stefano Rivera GPL3, core under MIT Unix-like Python, Twisted in IM protocols  ? (0.1.0)  ? (0.1.1) Twisted engine allows connecting to multiple IM sources, including IRC, XMPP, SILC, Campfire, NMDC [9]
Infobot Kevin Lenzo Artistic License Unix-like Perl 2004-08 2011-03-15 (1.5.3)  ? [10]
IrcBot Marlinc BSD Unix-like PHP  ? (0.1)  ? (1.2)  ? [11]
jenni Michael Yanovich EFLv2 Unix-like Python (2)  ?  ? Threaded, general purpose, includes some games. Easily expandable by writing new modules. [12]
irccd David Demelier ISC Cross-platform C++11 and Lua 2013-09-13 (1.0) 2013-09-17 (1.0.1) Multiple servers, multiple identities, extensible with Lua [13]
JSONBOT Bart Thate MIT Unix-like Python 2010-04 2012-03-23 (0.84.4) Beta [14]
JZBot Alexander Boyd, Maximilian Dirkmann, James Stoker LGPL Cross-platform Java  ?  ?  ? [15]
Khaos Pannekoek GPL-3.0 Cross-platform PHP  ? (0.1) 2012-08-04 Framework for irc bots. Asynchronous irc connections enable complex functionalities. [16]
Lambdabot Andrew J. Bromage et al. MIT Unix-like Haskell  ? (1.0) 2011-01-20 ( Many plugins; usable offline as a Haskell development tool; embeddable in GHCi [17]
Mozbot Ian Hickson, Chris Crews MPL Cross-platform Perl  ?  ?  ? [18]
Pbot Weaver/Solo Freeware Windows mIRC Script  ? 2002-01-04 (2.4) Channel protection bot, written as mIRC script [19]
PircBot Paul Mutton GPL Cross-platform Java 2001-08-01 2009-12-14 (1.5.0) Framework for creating bots [20]
phenny Sean B. Palmer EFLv2 Cross-platform Python  ?  ? Threaded, can load or disable modules at runtime [21]
pmxbot YouGov, Jamie Turner, Chris Mulligan MIT Unix-like Python  ?  ? Designed to be extensible for a work IRC network [22]
Q-bot Q-bot Freeware Windows C#  ?  ? Plug-in function [23]
Ruby-rbot ruby-rbot GPL Unix-like Ruby  ?  ?  ? [24]
Schongo Selig, Posiden, Wil  ? Cross-platform Python  ?  ? Focus on simplicity, highly extandable module system, rapid development cycle [25]
Supybot Jeremiah Fincher, James Vega and others BSD Cross-platform Python  ? (0.30)  ? ( Many plugins, SSL, multiple networks support, (un)loading plugins, threads, configuration registry, standardized command syntax, argument parsing [26]
sircbot Alpine Linux GPL-2.0 Unix-like C (Lua scriptable)  ? 2011-12-15 Simple IRC bot for shell and lua scripts git wiki
VikingBot Tor Henning Ueland GPL-3.0 Unix-like PHP  ? 2013-10-09 Simple PHP based IRC bot with support for secure IRC servers and plugin support [27]
Willie Edward Powell, Dimitri Molenaars, Elad Alfassa, Ari Koivula EFLv2 Cross-platform Python 2012-07-15 (3.0.0) 2013-07-03 (4.0.1) SSL, (un)loading of modules at runtime, threaded, user/channel settings database, Python 3 support. (based originally on phenny) [28]
Yauib Julien Palard Simplified BSD Cross-platform Python 2011-03-22  ? Plugins can be written in any language [29]
FoxBot Lee Watson GPL-3.0 Cross-platform Java  ? 2013-09-06 (0.9) Command framework is designed to make writing commands easy. Has simple and powerful permissions system. Simple and fully explained config. [30]
Rubybot umby24 GPL-3.0 Cross-platform Ruby  ? 2013-10-30 (4.2) Simple, yet easily extensible. [31]
MrBot - AwesomeBot MattMc Apache v2 Cross-platform Java November '13 2014-06-01 A Semi-Advanced Java Bot with a ton of feactures and still more coming... join #AwesomeBot on espernet for more info.. [32]
Shocky Shockah, clone1018  ? Cross-platform Java  ?  ? A Very advanced Java irc bot, that supports all kinds of stuff,