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This article compares file hosting services where files can be shared.

File hosting services with file-sharing possibility[edit]

  No restriction
  Limit on some types of accounts
  Limit across all accounts
  Total restriction across all accounts
Web host Storage size Max. file size Direct access[1] Traffic/bandwidth limit File expiration[2] Remote uploading? Developer API? FTP upload possible? File versioning Follows symlinks Misc. notes
Amazon Cloud Drive 5 GB (free)
up to 1000GB (paid)
2 GB No Amazon S3 limits None No No  ?  ?  ? N/A
Amazon S3 5 GB (12-month trial, free storage with credit-card details supplied, unfree bandwidth)
Unlimited (paid)
TB per file, unlimited files per bucket Yes Amazon S3 limits None, pay for storage each month No REST, SOAP  ?  ?  ? N/A
ASUS WebStorage GB (free)
Unlimited (paid)
500 MB (free)
1-2 GB (paid)
No[3] Daily limit: 0.5 GB (free), 10/20 GB (paid)[4] ? No No  ?  ?  ? N/A
Box 10 GB (free Personal)
50 GB (free with Sony Xperia device)
25-50 GB (paid Personal)
1000 GB (Business)
Unlimited (Enterprise)[5]
250 MB (free Personal)
GB (paid Personal)
2 GB (Business)
5 GB (Enterprise)[5]
No 10 GB/month (free)
2 TB/month (paid)[6]
None[7] No Yes[8] Business and Enterprise customers only[9]  ?  ? Does not sync Mac files such as iWork: Keynote etc.
CloudMe 3 GB plus 500 MB for each referral person up to 16 GB (free)
500 GB (paid)[10]
150 MB (free)
Unlimited (premium)
No[11] None None No REST, SOAP, WebDAV[12]  ?  ?  ? Primarily a media focused file synchronization and backup service with websharing.
Dropbox 2 GB(free)
18 GB (free, 500 MB for each referral person up to 18 GB)
25 GB (free with HTC Sense 4 & 5 device)
50 GB (free with Samsung device)
100-500 GB (Pro accounts)
1 TB-Unlimited (Business accounts)[13]
300 MB.
Unlimited using
client application
Yes 20 GB/day (free)
200 GB/day (paid) [14]
90 days of inactivity for free users[15] No Yes No[16] 30 days (free)
Unlimited (paid)
Yes Primarily a file synchronization and backup service but websharing possible.
Fileserve 500 GB (free)
Unlimited (paid)
GB (free)
GB (paid)
No None 60 days after last download (free)
Never (paid)
No  ? Yes (except for non-accounts) Yes  ? N/A
Firedrive 50 GB (free)
up to TB (Pro accounts)
Unlimited (Executive accounts)
50 GB No None None Yes for all users No Yes No  ? Allows users to upload to each other's accounts without having to sign up using filedrop
Google Drive 15 GB (free)[17]
10 GB (free for Quickoffice mobile)
25-50 GB (free with HTC Advantage)
50 GB (free with Motorola device)
100 GB (free with Chromebook)
2 TB (free with Chromebook Pixel)
up to 16 TB (paid)
TB[18] Yes[19] None[citation needed] None No OAuth2 No Yes[20] No N/A
Handy Backup Up to 250GB. (Free tier is just a limited-time trial) 5 GB Yes None For paying users there is usually no file expiration. No No Yes Yes  ? Optimized for automatic backup-to-cloud scenarios, i.e. auto backing up documents, databases, settings, system snapshots, and other things to cloud. New backup scenarios can be generated and shared by users.
Hightail GB (free)
Unlimited (paid)[21]
50 MB (free)
GB (Pro)
Unlimited (Business)[21]
Yes None 7 days (free)

14 days ($9.99/month or $99.99/year)
None (Business)[22]

No Yes No Yes  ? Allows synchronization of files across devices. Business version comes with administrative and security features.
IBM Connections 5 GB
additional space avail (paid)
GB Yes None None No CMIS, REST, Atom (standard) and OAuth2 No Yes  ? Subscription costs US$6/year[23]
iCloud 5 GB (free)
25 GB (for previous MobileMe accounts)
10, 20, 50 GB (paid)
GB Yes 200400 GB per month None (paid users) No WebDAV  ?  ?  ? Subscription to MobileMe costs US$99/year[24]
MagicVortex GB GB
Yes None 7 or 14 days based on subscription No ?  ?  ?  ? Peer-to-peer file transfer service; free Windows desktop client with resumption of interrupted transfers, transfer pausing & live data streaming
MediaFire 10 GB up to 50  via referrals (free)
up to TB (Pro accounts)
up to 100 TB (Business accounts)
200 MB (free)
20 GB (paid)[25]
No (free);
Yes (premium)[26]
None 1 year but "no data warehousing"[27] Only for pro users Yes No[28] Yes  ? Resuming of interrupted downloads possible.
Mega 50 GB (free)
Up to TB (paid)
Only restricted by browser memory capability[29] No[30] Free (50 GB storage): 10 GB traffic/30 minutes
Pro I (500 GB storage): 12 TB traffic/month
Pro II (2 TB storage): 48 TB traffic/month
Pro III (4 TB storage): 96 TB traffic/month
None No Yes No Yes  ? Resuming of interrupted downloads possible. Encrypted files.
OneDrive GB (free)
3 GB (free for sync photos with mobile app)
5 GB (free, 500 MB for each referral person up to 5 GB)
20 GB (free for Office 365 users)
200 GB (free with Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro)
Up to 125 GB (paid)
GB Yes None 270 days of account inactivity[31] No Yes[32]  ? Yes No[33] Allows remote access of files on running Windows PCs with SkyDrive installed ("Fetch files") without having to upload the contents of the shares to SkyDrive[34]
RapidShare 10 GB Standard (free)
300 GB Standard Plus (€8.21/month)
700 GB Premium (€16.43/month)[35]
100 GB No 12.5 kB/s speed limitation for non-paying users. *01/10/2012* Speed limitation was removed for undetermined break (setting by 1100 kbit/s). None for any Rapid users. Up to 300 jobs, 5 at a time Yes  ?  ?  ? Resuming of interrupted downloads only for RapidPro users
SpiderOak 2 GB (free), Unlimited (paid)[36]  ? Yes[37] None[38] None No No No[39]  ? No[40] File synchronization and backup service.
SugarSync Free only for 60 days, after: 60 GB (personal tier)
Unlimited GB (professional tier)
None Yes 10 GB/file/day (free)
250 GB/file/day (paid)
If you hit the limit your links will be disabled for 24 hours. The bandwidth limits only apply to public links.[41]
No expiration for paid accounts;
90 days of inactivity for free users
No REST[42]  ?  ?  ? N/A
TitanFile Unlimited Free:100 MB
Yes[43] None None, unless set by user[43] No Yes[44] Yes
(For enterprise clients only)
Yes[45]  ? HIPAA-compliant, group messaging, audit logs, granular security control, embedable on website.
Ubuntu One

Shutting down 1 June 2014

up to 20 via referrals (free)
Unlimited (paid)
5 TB[46] Yes None Reserve the right to delete after 90 days of inactivity for free users but will notify via email in advance.[47] Only files selected by 3rd party[48] REST[49] No. Only through locally installed FTP server[50]  ?  ? Application and service to be discontinued, effective 1 June 2014.
Wuala GB (free)
Unlimited (paid)
40 GB Yes None 90 days of inactivity for free users[51] No REST, read-only, no POST verb actions (Wuala REST API) No Yes  ? Uses Social Networking, and has file sharing features similar to Bittorrent. Uses client-side encryption.
Web host Storage size Max. file size Direct access Traffic/bandwidth limit File expiration Remote uploading? Developer API? FTP upload possible? File versioning Misc. notes

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