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This is a comparison of the features of various standalone macro recorder software applications.

Records keyboard Records mouse "Smart" mouse recording (not just absolute coordinates) Compiles to EXE-files Built-in macro editor Allows custom commands[clarification needed] (like "open file", "launch website", "shutdown" etc. Allows conditional statements and other control flow ("if", "goto", "repeat X times") Triggering macros with system events OS Freeware License
AutoIt Yes[1][2] Yes[1][2] No Yes [3] Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows Yes[4] Freeware / Proprietary[5]
AutoHotKey No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Windows Yes[6] GPL
Automation Anywhere Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows No[7] Proprietary
Keyboard Maestro Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Mac OS X No[8] Proprietary
Macro Express Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows No[9] Proprietary
Workspace Macro Pro Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Windows No[10] Proprietary
UBot Studio No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Windows No[11] Proprietary
Xnee Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No OSes with X11, like Linux, etc. Yes GPL


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