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Introduction to Neurofeedback[edit]

Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback or EEG biofeedback (EEGBF) is a therapy technique that presents the user with real-time information about activity within their brain, as measured by electrical or blood-flow sensors on the scalp. Brain activity is monitored and processed to provide feedback to the user in one of several ways, for example a video game rocket ship might accelerate when desired brainwaves are produced (positive feedback), or a film or music might pause when undesired brainwaves are produced (negative feedback).

The user then uses this feedback to develop the brainwaves they wish to create and as a consequence, learn to gain more control over their brainwaves and therefore how they think and feel in every day situations. It has been used to help a range of conditions including ADHD and addictions.


Software Type Version Operating systems Developer License FDA cleared Supported Devices
BioGraph Infiniti Neurofeedback/Biofeedback 6.0 Windows XP & Vista & 7 Thought Technology Ltd, Dr. Hal Myers Proprietary Yes Thought Technology[1]
BioTrace+ Neurofeedback & Biofeedback V2013 Windows XP & Vista & 7 Mind Media Netherlands Proprietary Medical class II Nexus[2]
BioEra Biofeedback: visual designer 2.0 Windows, Android PROATECH LLC Proprietary No (but basis of Cygnet and others) Pocket Neurobics,[3] BrainQuiry,[2] NeuroAmp,[4]
 Brainmaster,[1] QDS[2]
BioExplorer Neurofeedback 1.5 Windows Cyberevolution, Larry Janow Proprietary No "Intended for personal use..." Brainmaster,[1] BrainQuiry,[2] NeuroAmp,[4]
 J&J,[1] NeuroSky,[2]
 Pocket Neurobics,[3] QDS,[2] Telediagnostic Systems[1]
Brainathalon Game ? Java Amy Palke Open source No
BrainBay Neurofeedback: MIDI, particle display ? Windows Chris Veigl and Jeremy Wilkerson GPL No
BrainFeedback Pro Neurofeedback v12 Windows XP & Vista & Windows 7 Deymed Diagnostic Proprietary Yes Deymed
BrainMaster Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and QEEG; optional live z-scores (ANI or BrainDX), Live sLORETA Projector. various including BrainAvatar. Third-party SW includes: NeuroGuide, BioExplorer, BioERA, BrainPaint, SKIL, LENS, EEGer, BrainTrain, OpenVibe, EEGStudio Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. Thomas F. Collura Proprietary; includes optional no-cost Application Programming Interfaces (API) Yes Brainmaster[1] 2E, 2EW, 2EB, Atlantis, Discovery, MINI-Q
BWView Brainwave viewer 1.0.5 Linux, Windows Jim Peters GPL No
Cygnet Neurofeedback: one- and two channel frequency band training and ILF (SCP) training according to Othmer, Alpha-Theta training. With additional Mitsar device or x23 accessory also tomographic (sLoreta) neurofeedback. Add-ons for sLoreta feedback and flexible system configuration fully approved but not available to clinicians. For research institutions only. Biofeedback: pIR far-infrared triple-sensor feedback 2.0 Windows XP & Vista & 7 & 8 BEE Systems LLC / Corscience Proprietary FDA class II, CE class IIa; Software approved including feedback animations by SomaticVision; accessory to EEG NeuroAmp NeuroAmp[4] plus add-ons: NeuroAmp x23,[4] pIRx3,[4] tactile feedback[4]
Dual Drive Pro Biofeedback GSR & Temp 3.0 Windows XP & Vista Somatic Vision Inc. Proprietary Unknown (not EEG)
eBioo Neurofeedback & Analysis

one-, two- and four channel training ,
Amplitude-, relative Amplitude-, Coherence-,
Band-Ratio-, Asymmetry-inhibit-Training
and more ..

1.5 Windows XP & Vista & 7 Soft-dynamics, Geoffrey Arens Proprietary No - not stated or in FDA database Pocket Neurobics,[3] Neurobit Systems,[2] Brainmaster[1]
EEGer4 Neurofeedback & Analysis 4.3.0 Windows EEG Software LLC Proprietary FDA Class II J&J,[1] Telediagnostic Systems,[1] Phoenix Neuro Systems,[1]
Thought Technology,[1] Brainmaster,[1] Brainquiry,[2]
Pocket Neurobics,[3] external analog amplifiers
ElectricGuru Neurofeedback 0.4 Windows Rob Sacks Open source No
MindReflector Neurofeedback 1.1 Windows XP, Vista, & Windows 7 MindReflector Technologies, LLC Proprietary No NeuroSky[2]
NeurOptimal Neurofeedback 2.0 Windows Vista & Windows 7 Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D. Proprietary Unknown - not stated or in FDA database zAmp[2] from Zengar
Mind WorkStation Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and EEG-Driven Entrainment 1.3 Windows Transparent Corporation Proprietary No but can use Bioexplorer, Biograph, BioEra links See Bioexplorer, Biograph, BioEra
NeuroServer Raw EEG to TCP/IP + EDF converter 0.7.4 Linux, Windows [Rudi Cilibrasi] GPL No
SmartMind Neurofeedback v2010 Windows XP & Vista & Windows 7 BrainTrain, Inc. Proprietary Unknown - not stated or in FDA database Smartmind,[2] Brainmaster,[1] Thought Technology,[1] J&J,[1]
Pocket Neurobics,[3] NeuroSky[2]
OpenViBE BCI, Visual Designer, Analysis, Neurofeedback 0.10.1 Linux, Windows INRIA LGPL No
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