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Compass Maps was a U.S. publisher of road maps. It was based in Modesto, California.

It was founded in 1963 by Dick and Shirley Elke. They produced high quality maps of Northern and Southern California. They also did some maps of places in Nevada (Reno, Las Vegas), as well as Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2007, they had nearly 100 area maps that they produced. However, the company shut down in March 2008 for reorganization, then reopened in May of that same year, to only shut down, this time for good, in June 2008. They are no longer a business, and are in bankruptcy. The owner of the company is going to bankruptcy court soon. Compass Maps are getting harder and harder to find, as they are not made anymore. However, some may be still found at stores such as Staples, and also at Longs Drugs/CVS (a drugstore in the West Coast) which Compass Maps sold a lot of maps to. The atlases that Compass Maps made, are virtually nonexistent at this point. However there are a few places that still have backstock of their atlases, which there was a total of 19 titles in the end.

While they were still a company, they were located on 1172 Kansas Avenue in Modesto, just west of Highway 99. The space/building has since been sold, and there is a new occupant there.


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