Compton High School

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Compton High School
Compton High School billboard.jpg
The billboard of Compton High School
601 S. Acacia Avenue
Compton, CA, 90220
United States
Coordinates 33°53′28″N 118°13′38″W / 33.89111°N 118.22722°W / 33.89111; -118.22722Coordinates: 33°53′28″N 118°13′38″W / 33.89111°N 118.22722°W / 33.89111; -118.22722
Type Public high school
Opened 1896
School district Compton Unified School District
Principal Stephen Glass
School color(s) Columbia Blue and White
Mascot Tarbabe

Compton High School is a high school in Compton, California, part of the Compton Unified School District.


Compton High School's original building in 1912.

The school first opened in 1896 as Compton Union High School and then later reestablished as Compton Senior High School in the 1950s after Compton College separated from the high school district and opened its new campus at 1111 East Artesia Boulevard in 1953.

During the 1960s there was a dramatic transition from a Caucasian student body to one which was predominantly African-American.[1] Today, Compton High School is over eighty percent Latino as immigrants settled in South Los Angeles.


Compton High School Mascot: The Tarbabes.

Compton College's mascot name is the Tartars, named after the Turkic Tatars, so the mascot name for Compton High School became the Tartar Babies. The mascot itself is "Baby Tartar," who wears a diaper and carries a big sword.[2][3]

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