Comptroller of Puerto Rico

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Comptroller of Puerto Rico
Yesmín M. Valdivieso

since May 12, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-05-12)
Style The Honorable
Nominator Governor
Appointer Governor
with advise and consent from the Senate and the House of Representatives
Term length 10 years
Inaugural holder Rafael de J. Cordero Orta
July 25, 1952; 62 years ago (1952-07-25)
Formation Article IV of the Constitution of Puerto Rico
Law No. 9 of 1952

The Comptroller of Puerto Rico is a constitutionally-created office charged with carrying out post-audits of the use of public funds in Puerto Rico.[1] The Comptroller is appointed by the Governor of Puerto Rico and requires the advice and consent of both the Senate of Puerto Rico as well as the Puerto Rico House of Representatives for a term of office of ten years and until a successor is nominated, confirmed and qualified.[2] Former Comptroller Manuel Díaz Saldaña's was the longest-serving comptroller, having served almost 13 years, until his successor, Yesmín Valdivieso, was appointed by Governor Luis Fortuño, confirmed and sworn in.


The following people have served as comptrollers:[3]

# Portrait Name Took office Left office Appointer
1 Rafael de J. Cordero Orta 1952 1961 Luis Muñoz Marin
2 Justo Nieves Torres 1961 1971 Luis Muñoz Marin
3 Basilio Santiago Romero 1971 1977 Luis A. Ferré
4 Ramón Rivera Marrero 1978 1986 Carlos Romero Barceló
5 Luis M. Malpica 1986 1987 Rafael Hernández Colón
6 Ileana Colón Carlo 1987 1997 Rafael Hernández Colón
7 Manuel Díaz Saldaña 1997 2010 Pedro Rosselló
8 Yesmín M. Valdivieso 2010 present Luis Fortuño