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CompuHigh is a private, accredited, online high school established in 1994. CompuHigh provides individual courses as well as a diploma program called Whitmore School. CompuHigh is accredited by AdvancED [1] (formerly known as NCA CASI and SACS CASI) and is an approved course provider for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA[2]). CompuHigh serves national U.S. and international English-speaking students in grades 9-12. CompuHigh has open, year-round enrollment and is self-paced.

CompuHigh offers core and elective courses that are taught by instructors using a mastery learning methodology.[3][4] Instruction is completely one-on-one between instructor and student, and is largely asynchronous. Instruction, interaction, coursework, and grading takes place on CompuHigh’s proprietary learning management system (LMS)


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