Computer Shopper (UK magazine)

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Not to be confused with Computer Shopper (US magazine).
Computer Shopper
Computer Shopper UK magazine September 1989.jpg
September 1989 issue
Editor Chris Finnamore
Categories Computer magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 36,002 Jan-Dec 2011
First issue 1988
Company Dennis Publishing Ltd.
Country United Kingdom
Language British English
ISSN 0955-8578

Computer Shopper is a magazine published monthly since 1988 in the UK by Felix Dennis's company, Dennis Publishing Ltd.. It contains reviews of home computers and related hardware / software products, as well as news and features on related subjects. It is currently the biggest-selling monthly consumer IT magazine in the UK.[1]

The Computer Shopper website is an extension of the magazine and contains up to date news and information as well as short reviews, classifieds and buying advice as featured in the magazine. The website also has a busy forum.

The current staff include Chris Finnamore (editor), Seth Barton (online editor), David Ludlow (Group Editor), Kat Orphanides (senior staff writer) and Tom Morgan (senior staff writer). There is also staff that write columns: David Robinson, Gordon Holmes and David Neal.


The magazine has a large variety of sections. At the beginning is 'Letters', where readers write in about pros and cons with technology, comments on the magazine and so on. Then, there are two columns: Under Development and Cyber Cop. Rants and Raves is the third of the Regulars section. This part has four of the staff either complaining or rejoicing about some form of gadgetry.

The Newsfile section is the next article to come up. This, recently (May 2014) had an article about Mobile World Congress in it. There have been other ones, such as CES and other major events. There is always a feature article off the cover, which will be a very detailed topic cover. Reviews is the third part. This will cover about every category of gadget you can think of, except IMAX Screens and retro consoles.


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