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In computing, Russification is the localization of computers and software, i.e., making the user interface of a computer and software to communicate in the Russian language and Cyrillic script.

Among the problems associated with Russification was absence of a single character encoding standard for Cyrillic(see Cyrillic script#Computer encoding), before the advent of Unicode.

History of the MS-DOS russification[edit]

The first official Russification of MS-DOS was carried out for MS-DOS 4.01. In Microsoft, the Russification project manager and one of its main developers was Nickolay Lyubovny (Николай Любовный). [1][2]

Russification of Microsoft Windows[edit]

A comprehensive instruction set for computer Russification is maintained by Paul Gorodyansky. It is mirrored in many places and recommended by the U.S. Library of Congress[3]

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