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This article is about the former subsidiary and current ongoing company. For the overall Comverse corporate entity that existed from 1982 to 2013, see Comverse Technology.
Comverse, Inc.
Type Public (NASDAQCNSI)
Industry Telcommunications software
Headquarters Wakefield, Massachusetts, United States
Key people Philippe Tartavull (President and CEO)
Products Converged Communications (traditional and IP), Digital Services, Converged BSS and Policy, Professional and Managed Services
Revenue Steady US $678 million (FY 2012)
Net income Increase US $5.1 million (FY 2012)
Employees 4,000

Comverse, Inc. is a technology company located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, in the United States, that develops and markets telecommunications software. The company focuses on providing Business Support Systems (BSS), data policy (PCEF, PCRF), traditional and IP-based value-added services to telecommunication and other service providers, complemented by professional and managed services. For many years, Comverse, also known as Comverse Network Systems, was part of Comverse Technology, which had several wholly or partly owned subsidiaries; Comverse became a fully independent company in 2013. The name "Comverse" is a portmanteau of the words "communication" and "versatility".[citation needed]

Products and Services[edit]

Comverse’s products and services include:

  • Business Support Systems: Comverse provides converged, prepaid and postpaid billing and active customer management systems enabling wireless, wireline and cable communication service providers (CSPs) to expand to new business models and lines of business such as: policy-driven smart data monetization, analytics-enhanced personalized marketing, mobile payment, machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, cloud services, over-the-top (OTT) onboarding, and linkage of existing business processes and systems with social data for new kinds of applications and customer support.
  • Digital Services: Comverse evolves network-based voice and messaging value added services (VAS) – voicemail, visual voicemail, call completion, short messaging service (SMS), multimedia picture and video messaging (MMS) – to a converged digital lifestyle experience across any Internet-connected device.
In addition, Comverse enhances CSP offerings with social data and digital Internet Protocol (IP) based rich communication suite (RCS) services such as group chat, file transfer, video share, presence and geo-location.
  • Policy (PCRF, Data Management and Monetization): Comverse provides CSPs with the ability to manage their data networks and monetize their data network investment through policy management, policy enforcement, and data plan creation capabilities for wireless and wireline data networks.
  • Professional and Managed Services: Comverse offers a portfolio of services related to its solutions and third-party solutions, such as system care, expert services, and managed services.

History as a subsidiary[edit]

Main article: Comverse Technology

As a subsidiary, Comverse, Inc. was incorporated on November 19, 1997,[1] as part of the larger Comverse Technology.

In August 2012, a series of transactions were announced that would end Comverse Technology as a functioning entity, by making Comverse Network Systems an independent company once again known simply as Comverse, allowing Verint Systems (the former Comverse Infosys) to buy back Comverse Technology's majority stake in it, and selling off other subsidiaries.[2][3] Philippe Tartavull was named as the CEO of the newly independent Comverse.

These transactions were completed by February 4, 2013, and represented the effective liquidation of the Comverse Technology holding entity[3][4] and the emergence of Comverse, Inc. as a fully independent company.

History as an independent company[edit]

Results for fiscal year 2012, which took place as the spin-off of Comverse from Comverse Technology was happening, demonstrated a return to profitability, with a net income of $5.1 million.[5]

Industry recognition[edit]

Over the years, Comverse has won a number of awards within its industry, including:


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