ConGlomeration (convention)

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Status Active
Genre Multi-genre
Venue Ramada Plaza Louisville
Location(s) Louisville, Kentucky
Country United States
Inaugurated 2001
Most recent 2013
Attendance 500

ConGlomeration is an annual multigenre convention held in or around Louisville, Kentucky. ConGlomeration is an all-volunteer non-profit organization which, as part of its convention programming, conducts charitable fundraising activities on behalf of the American Cancer Society. With the unexpected closure of the convention's hotel in 2008, the operation of the convention was disrupted, but resumed in 2010.

ConGlomeration 2014 will be held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Louisville on April 11–13, 2014. Guests of honor will include authors David Drake and John Ringo, artist and sculptor Vincent Villafranca and musical filk group Ookla the Mok.


Featured ConGlomeration guests typically include at least one science fiction or fantasy author, and one sci-fi/fantasy artist. ConGlomeration 2011 featured Author Guest of Honor Peter David, Gaming Guest of Honor Andy Chambers and Artist Guest of Honor Kristin Kest.

In 2010, author Michael Z. Williamson and artist Steven Belledin headlined ConGlomeration. In 2008, Conglomeration hosted Walter Koenig as a featured guest. In 2007, author Ben Bova appeared alongside artist Daniel Dos Santos. Author Allen Steele had also been scheduled to attend but had to withdraw for health reasons.

Past author guests have included Harry Turtledove (2006), Eric Flint (2003), Peter Watts (2003), Andrew J. Offutt (2002), David Drake (2002) and Mike Resnick (2001). Past artist guests have included Boris Vallejo (2001), Julie Bell (2001), Tom Kidd (2004) and Mark Zug (2005).


ConGlomeration is a broad-based fan convention, incorporating aspects of a gaming convention, science fiction convention and, in 2006, 2007 and 2008, a writing workshop run by Apex Magazine. A 24-hour staffed game room, a LARP, tracked author programming, a costume masquerade, a dealer's room, and a genre art auction are regular components of ConGlomeration's official activities.


The convention mascot is a platypus that dons various disguises —- including a giant mecha robot, a homage to Gandalf, and King Kong—for his appearance on the official con T-shirt, which is given to staff and volunteers.

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