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The ConScript Unicode Registry is a volunteer project to coordinate the assignment of code points in the Unicode Private Use Area for the encoding of artificial scripts for constructed languages.[1] It was founded by John Cowan and is maintained by him and Michael Everson. It has no formal connection with the Unicode Consortium.


The CSUR includes the following scripts:

The following were formerly included, but have since been withdrawn as they are now in Unicode:

In September 1997, Michael Everson also proposed Tengwar, Cirth and Klingon for inclusion in Unicode.[2][3][4] The Klingon proposal was rejected in May 2001,[5] while the Tengwar and Cirth proposals are still under consideration.[6]

Font Support[edit]

Few fonts support ConScript Unicode specified code points. However, there are two reference fonts[7] provided by UCSU.

GNU Unifont is also adding support for ConScript characters.[8]

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