Concentration camps in the Independent State of Croatia

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The concentration camps in the Independent State of Croatia are marked 1 through 40 on this map of concentration camps in Yugoslavia in World War II. The two camps in annexed territories are marked 54 and 55.

During World War II, there existed numerous Concentration camps in the Independent State of Croatia. Some were operated by the Croatian Ustaša authorities, some by Nazi Germany, some by Fascist Italy.[1]

Ustaša-operated camps[edit]

Name of the camp Date of establishment Date of liberation Estimated number of prisoners Estimated number of deaths
Jasenovac August 23, 1941 April 22, 1945  80,000-100,000[Note 1]
Stara Gradiška 1941 1945   
Pag 1941 1945  8,500
Gospić 1941 1945  30,000-40,000
Jadovno 1941 None 
Jastrebarsko 1942 None 
Metajna 1941 1945 
Đakovo 1941 None 
Lepoglava prison 1941 1945 
Danica 1941 1945 
Kerestinec prison 1941 1945 
Kruščica (Vitez) 1941 None 
Lobor 1941 1945 
Tenja 1942 1945 

German-operated camps[edit]

Italian-operated camps[edit]

In annexed territories[edit]

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  1. ^ These numbers vary widely, and were frequently manipulated by various sides during Yugoslavia's history, see Jasenovac concentration camp.