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Concept Records is a small UK-based independent record label headquartered in London.

The company was founded in 1999 by former A&R man for Jive Records and Warner Bros. Records Max Bloom. The label is home to a handful of pop singers in the UK such as Lisa Scott-Lee (Steps), Antony Costa (Blue), Jennifer Ellison (Brookside) and UK glamour model Michelle Marsh.

Concept Records was featured in MTV's Totally Boyband in late 2006, as it followed the journey of newly formed boy band, Upper Street, and their rise to fame. The show featured the label's managaing director Max Bloom and his associate Roseann McBride. Since the band released their first single in October 2006, they were deemed a commercial failure and were inevitably dropped by their management as well as their label. Concept Records was also featured in MTV's Totally Scott-Lee It followed the journey of Lisa Scott-Lee recording her single to get it into the top 10.

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