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Radio New Zealand Concert
Te Reo Irirangi o Aotearoa Concert
RNZC logo.png
Broadcast area New ZealandNew Zealand

FM: various List
Freeview: Channel 51
Sky Digital: Channel 502

Live Stream Windows Media
Format classical and jazz music
Owner Radio New Zealand
Webcast Live stream

Radio New Zealand Concert (Te Reo Irirangi o Aotearoa Concert) is a publicly funded non-commercial New Zealand FM radio network owned by Radio New Zealand, which broadcasts classical and jazz music, as well as regular news updates from Radio New Zealand News.

Prior to 22 January 2007, Radio New Zealand Concert was known as Concert FM or the Concert Programme. The name change was part of a wider name change within Radio New Zealand, because it was found that some listeners did not associate Concert FM with the Radio New Zealand brand. Historically the programme was broadcast on the (AM) "YC" stations 1YC, 2YC, 3YC and 4YC in the main centres.


The station features live continuity presentation between 6.00 and midnight (with the overnight music programming being automated). There are four full-time continuity presenters (Rick Young, David Morriss, Christine Argyle and Clarissa Dunn), as well a roster of casual presenters. Upbeat and Sound Lounge are hosted by Eva Radich and Kate Mead respectively. Phil Broadhurst presents The Art of Jazz; William Dart presents New Horizons; and The Critic's Chair, Composer of the Week and Appointment are presented by various contributors.


Classic Morning runs from 6.00 to 9.00 and consists of hourly Radio New Zealand News updates, followed by approximately five pieces of music each hour. A weekly competition is featured at around 7.30 each morning, as well as a Live Diary of music events around New Zealand.[1] For 42 weeks of the year music by one particular composer features follows the news at 9.00, in Composer of the Week. Occasionally, instead of one composer, the topic of the week is a particular theme or scene. Afterwards, The Works (10.00–12.00) features a variety of pieces: the well-known and the obscure, the newly recorded alongside archive recordings. Approximately four pieces play across the two-hour programme.[2]

Upbeat, a 90-minute music and arts current affairs programme hosted by Eva Radich, is Radio New Zealand Concert's flagship daily programme. Radich discusses developments in a wide variety of music genres with reviewers, concert promoters, musicians, composers, choreographers, dancers, actors, directors, artists and other specialists. After a live simulcast of the first six minutes of Radio New Zealand News from Radio New Zealand National's Midday Report, the programme continues in three or four segments. Each segment usually includes an interview with a local or international guest; the second guest is often a specialist in a particular area of music.[3]

The afternoon schedule consists of five different programmes. A titled selection of music airs from 13.30, often chosen from a particular historic era or reflecting recent developments in a certain area of music.[4] From 14.00, Afternoon Requests includes around five emailed or posted requests from Radio New Zealand Concert's playlist of recordings and CD tracks.[5] A short news bulletin is broadcast at 15.00 and, following this, CD Masters includes pieces from Radio New Zealand Concert's back catalogue of CD tracks.[6]


At 16.00, Made in New Zealand showcases New Zealand performers and composers, often in recordings made by Radio New Zealand itself.[7] Radio New Zealand Concert's drive time programme, Cadenza, includes short, well-known classic pieces such as opera arias and choruses. Radio New Zealand News at 17.00 is followed by as many as fifteen pieces until 19.00. The weekly competition is featured Monday to Thursday at approximately 17.30, and a themed segment also airs daily from approximately 18.00.[8]

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights a specialty timeslot, Appointment at 19.00, is followed by a live concert under the title of Music Alive at 20.00, a late night selection, Day's End at 22.00, with a short Radio New Zealand News bulletin at 23.00. The Appointment timeslot includes a repeat of the Composer of the Week introductory programme on Mondays, feature programmes about music on Wednesdays and Thursdays (including series), and a repeat of the new releases review programme The Critic's Chair on Fridays. Music Alive often broadcasts an overseas concert on Wednesdays (possibly from ABC Classic FM, the European Broadcasting Union, or the WFMT Radio Network; an Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra concert on Thursdays, and an alternative music concert on Fridays.

On Tuesday nights, Kate Mead hosts Sound Lounge, a five hour programme of contemporary music from the 20th and 21st centuries. It covers classical and jazz, avant-garde and popular music alike. This generally includes a live concert recording at 20.00, and possibly a feature programme as well. After the 23.00 news, New Music Dreams is a set of uninterrupted music until midnight. A five disc automated playlist of classical music, Music through the Night, plays every night from 0.00 to 6.00.[9]


Saturdays on Radio New Zealand Concert include weekend editions of several weekday programmes. Classic Morning airs between 6.00 and 9.00 with hourly Radio New Zealand News updates. The Best of Upbeat plays from 9.00, usually with three highlight interviews from the past week, and the two-hour request block Your Choice airs from 10.00. The Radio New Zealand Concert Classical Chart follows Radio New Zealand News at 12.00 with the past week's top ten best-selling discs in New Zealand. Jazz programming airs at 13.00, either The Art of Jazz with Phil Broadhurst or international programmes such as Jazz at Lincoln Center. This is followed by the world music programme Global Sounds at 14.00. The Saturday Concert airs after the news at 15.00, and could be a repeat of a Radio New Zealand Concert production or a recorded concert sourced from overseas partners. Saturday evening includes a weekend edition of Made in New Zealand from 18.00 and the song programme Vocalied from 19.00. A concert, often featuring the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, plays on Music Alive from 20.00, followed by Day's End and Music Through the Night as on weekdays.[10]

Radio New Zealand Concert plays primarily specialist programming on Sundays. Spiritual music is played in Sanctuary from 6.00, shorter tracks in Grace Notes from 8.00, and a weekend edition of The Works is broadcast after 9.00. Radio New Zealand News updates begin each programme at 6.00, 8.00, and 9.00. Specialist programmes air in the afternoon, including The Critic's Chair at 12.00 (looking at new releases with a wide range of reviewers) and the Sunday Feature from 14.00. Opera on Sunday follows the news at 15.00, often broadcasting Metropolitan Opera productions. Made in New Zealand generally airs from the close of the opera broadcast until 19.00. Afterwards New Horizons with William Dart takes a look at developments in the world of popular music, and recordings of young local musicians are showcased in Young New Zealand from 20.00. Day's End and Music Through the Night continue from 22.00.[11]


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