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Freak Lunchbox candy store in Halifax, Nova Scotia

A confectionery store (more commonly referred to as a sweet shop in the United Kingdom, a candy store in North America, or a lolly shop[1] in Australia) sells confectionery and is usually targeted to children. Most confectionery stores are filled with an assortment of sweets far larger than a grocer or convenience store could accommodate. They often offer a selection of old-fashioned treats and sweets from different countries. Very often unchanged in layout since their inception, confectioneries are known for their warming and nostalgic feel.

The village of Pateley Bridge claims to have the oldest confectionery store in England.

Haci Bekir Efendi, confectioner which was established in 1777 in Istanbul is one of the oldest trademarks in the world. [2]

The oldest sweet shop in England, in the village of Pateley Bridge

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