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A conference is a meeting of people who "confer" about a topic.

  • Academic conference, in science and academic, a formal event where researchers present results, workshops, and other activities.
  • Business conference, organized to discuss business-related matters
  • Conference call, in telecommunications, a "multi-party call"
  • Conference hall, room where conferences are held
  • News conference, an announcement to the press (print, radio, television) with the expectation of questions, about the announced matter, following.
  • Parent-teacher conference, a meeting with a child's teacher to discuss grades and school performance.
  • Peace conference, a diplomatic meeting to end conflict.
  • Settlement conference, a meeting between the plaintiff and the respondent in lawsuit, wherein they try to settle their dispute without proceeding to trial
  • Trade conference, or trade fair, organized like a business conference but with wider participation and providing the opportunity for business people and the general public alike to network and learn more about topics of interest through workshops, viewing whitepaper presentations, and meeting vendors of similar or related services.
  • Unconference

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