Conference of the Latin Bishops of the Arab Regions

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The Conference of Latin Bishops in the Arab Regions (French: Conférence des Latins Bishop's dans les Arabes Regions) is an agency of the Catholic Church which gathers the bishops of Latin rite members of the Arab States of the Middle East and East Africa.


The Conference was established in 1967 by the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, and its statutes were confirmed in 1989.

Members and Bodies[edit]

They are part of the Conference, the titular bishops, emeritus, assistants and auxiliary staff of the dioceses following:

List of Presidents[edit]

1965 - 1970: Alberto Gori

1970 - 1987: Giacomo Giuseppe Beltritti

1987 - 2008: Michel Sabbah

2008 -: Fouad Twal

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