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Confidence Group
Type Private (except Cement)
Industry Construction, Manufacturing Engineering
Founded 1991
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Revenue US$ 100 million
BDT 7.5 billion
In fiscal year 2010-2011

Confidence Group of Companies Limited (also referred to as Confidence Group) is a Bangladeshi company, involved in manufacturing mid-tech manufacturing engineering products. The conglomerate commenced its operation in 1991[citation needed] with cement manufacture, and is involved with power generation and the manufacture of Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) poles. Presently[when?], the conglomerate claims to consist of 7 operational business entities.[citation needed] In the year 2011, the company claims that total revenues grossed to over 7.5 Billion Takas (roughly 100 million Dollars).[citation needed]

The conglomerate presently consists of:

  • Confidence Cement Limited
  • Asian Paints (Bangladesh) Limited
  • Confidence Power Limited
  • Confidence Steel Limited
  • Energypac Confidence Power Venture Limited
  • Confidence Electric Limited
  • Electropac Industries Limited

Confidence Cement Limited[edit]

Confidence Cement Limited manufactures of Portland cement in Bangladesh.It claims, on its own website, that it is in the “Top 20 Best Performing Companies” list consistently for over a decade.[citation needed]

Confidence Cement Limited purchased the ISO 9000:2002 Certification.

In the fiscal year 2010 - 2011 the company claims to have generated a comprehensive income of 242 Million Takas and distributed 40% of the profit to its shareholders as dividend.[citation needed]

Confidence Cement claims to be a member of the Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association.[citation needed]

Joint venture with Asian Paints[edit]

In 2002 Confidence Group established a partnership with Asian Paints to form Asian Paints Bangladesh Limited (APBL).[1]


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