Congregational Union of Australia

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Brougham Place Uniting Church. Formerly North Adelaide Congregational Church.

The Congregational Union of Australia was a Congregational denomination in Australia.

Two hundred and sixty of its congregations joined the Uniting Church in Australia, which was formed in 1977 by the union of congregations of the Congregational Union, Methodist Church of Australasia, and Presbyterian Church of Australia.

The remaining forty congregations formed the Fellowship of Congregational Churches. Some of the ecumenically aligned congregations left that denomination in 1995 to form the Congregational Federation of Australia.


{another building that exists in Brisbane, purchased by Presbyterians, in Brisbane, Remnants of buildings the was theirs can be still seen around today, a great lost, but its still dear to our hearts to see it. D Seibuhr, descendant of a congregational founder}