Congress of the Peoples of the East

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The Congress of the Peoples of the East was held in Baku in September 1920. The congress was first planned by Mirsäyet Soltanğäliev and the National Communists. However Joseph Stalin prevented Soltanğäliev from attending the congress, fearing that he would help consolidate his wing of the communist movement.[citation needed]

It was attended by, amongst others John Reed, Karl Radek, Bela Kun and British Communist Tom Quelch. Manabendra Nath Roy refused to go, dismissing it as 'Zinoviev’s circus’.[1] However Abani Mukherji did attend.

The Congress brought together representatives of the Communist Party, particularly from Russia, with those from national liberation struggles. Some of the debates centred on the question of the relationship between the two movements.

The statutes of the Erk Party where drawn up during this congress.

Attendance by nationality[edit]

  • Total 1275
  • Total number attending the Congress 1891
  • of whom, Communists 1273
  • No nationality stated 266
  • Did not complete above questionnaire 100
  • Total number of women delegates 55[2]


A complete index of speeches and transcripts may be found here: