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Conne River is a Canadian community in Bay d'Espoir on the island of Newfoundland.

The Miawpukek First Nation government have revived the historical name and have replaced "Conne River" with "Miawpukek" in most of its own references to the community.

Miawpukek First Nation is a Mi'kmaq First Nation in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, with a registered population of 862 living on-reserve as of March 2013, with another 2,066 living off-reserve.[1] Since 1985, the community has renewed its traditional culture, which had been put on hold, after the exile of Saqamaw Geodol.

A favourite attraction for visitors from near and far is its Annual Powwow, started in 1995 and held every year.

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Coordinates: 47°51′49.45″N 55°45′24.85″W / 47.8637361°N 55.7569028°W / 47.8637361; -55.7569028