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Connexxion Holding N.V.
Type Naamloze vennootschap
Industry Public Transport, Taxi Service
Founded 1999
Headquarters Hilversum, Netherlands
Products Bus Transport, Rail Transport, Ferry Service, Taxi Service
Connexxion bus

Connexxion is a large public transport bus company in the Netherlands, operating in the west, middle, east and south-west part of the country. It was formed in 1999 as result of a merger between the public transport companies NZH, ZWN, Midnet and Oostnet. Its name is a mutation of the French word 'connexion' meaning "connection". Connexxion also owns the bus companies Hermes and Novio.

Besides bus services, it also operates the train lines AlmeloMariënberg (until December 2013) and AmersfoortEde–Wageningen, the tram line between Utrecht and Nieuwegein (until December 2013),[1] a few ferry routes, an ambulance service and a taxi service.

Trains use rail infrastructure supplied by ProRail. For trains there is partly a common tariff system with the other four public transport railroad companies in the country.

In 2007, Transdev bought a 66% stake in Connexxion, with an option to purchase the whole within 5 years. It has since merged into Veolia Transdev.

Operating area[edit]

Connexxion operate the following concessions for bus services:

Concession Start & End dates Notes
Almere 2010 - 2017
Amstelland (Amsterdam/Amstelveen/Schiphol/Aalsmeer/Uithoorn) 2007 - 2015
Gooi and Vechtstreek (Hilversum) 2011 - 2019
Haarlem-IJmond 2005 - 2015
IJsselmonde (Zwolle/Emmeloord/Kampen) 2005 - 2023 Concession re-awarded to Connexxion from December 2013
Noord Holland-Noord (Alkmaar/Hoorn/Den Helder/Texel) 2008 - 2016
Twente (Enschede/Hengelo/Almelo) 2005 - December 2013 Concession awarded to Syntus from December 2013
Utrecht Province (Amersfoort) 2008 - 2016
Bestuur Regio Utrecht (Utrecht/Nieuwegein/Zeist) 2008 - December 2013 Concession awarded to Qbuzz from December 2013
Zaanstreek (Zaandam) 2010 - 2018
Voorne-Putten and Rozenburg 2009 - 2016
North Zeeland 2006 - 2014
South Zeeland 2008 - 2014


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