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Conor Friedersdorf is an American journalist and a staff writer at The Atlantic.


After graduating from college, Friedersdorf worked for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. He began writing for The Atlantic in November 2009.[1] He was an intern for The Daily Dish blog, and in 2010 was hired as Senior Editor and "underblogger" to Andrew Sullivan.[2]


In an interview with journalist Matt Lewis, Friedersdorf stated that he has right-leaning views but that he does not consider himself to be a doctrinal conservative or a member of the conservative movement.[3]

Writing for The Atlantic, Friedersdorf laid out his argument for why he refused to vote for Barack Obama. In his argument, he claimed that Obama terrorizes innocent Pakistanis on an almost daily basis, secretly orders and oversees the extrajudicial killing of American citizens, and committed U.S. forces to war in Libya without Congressional approval. [4]

During the 2012 election cycle, Friedersdorf endorsed Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson for president.

Personal life[edit]

Friedersdorf grew up in Orange County, California, and currently lives in Venice, California. He attended Pomona College as an undergraduate, and attended the journalism school at New York University on a scholarship.[5]


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