Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

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The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) is a public agency founded in 1994 by the government of Quebec (Canada).


The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec offers support and funding for art projects that exhibit artistic excellence. It supports throughout Quebec the creation, experimentation and production in the realms of performing arts, multidisciplinary arts, circus arts, visual arts, media arts, architectural research, arts and crafts, and literature and seeks to broaden their influence in Quebec's culture in Canada and abroad. It also supports the advanced training of writers and professional artists.[1]

Board of Directors[edit]

As of January 2013, the Conseil's board of directors are:[2]

  • Marie DuPont, Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Yvan Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer
  • Francine Bernier, Vice-president of the Board of Directors, Director General and Artistic Director of Agora de la danse (Montréal)
  • Agathe Alie, Assistant Vice-President - Global Citizenship and Public Affairs Director at Cirque du Soleil
  • Michel Biron, Author, Full professor in the Department of French Language and Literature at McGill University
  • Charles-Mathieu Brunelle, Director general of Espace pour la vie de Montréal
  • Alan Côté, Director general and Artistic Director of Village en chanson de Petite-Vallée
  • Luc Courchesne, Media artist, Professeur titulaire, École de design industriel, Faculté de l'aménagement of Université de Montréal, Créateur-chercheur associé at Société des arts technologiques
  • Luc Gallant, CA, Chartered accountant, Associate Partner - KPMG
  • Mona Hakim, Exhibition curator, art critic and instructor in art history
  • Jo-Ann Kane, Curator of the collection of the National Bank of Canada, President of the Association des Collections d'entreprises du Québec, Independent curator
  • Stéphane Laforest, Artistic Director and Conductor of Orchestre symphonique de Sherbrooke, Executive and Artistic Director and Conductor of Orchestre la Sinfonia de Lanaudière,First assistant conductor of Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal
  • Louise Lemieux-Bérubé, Artist and Chief Executive Officer of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal
  • Dominique Payette, Professor - Département d'information et de communication of Université Laval


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