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A consolidated rental car facility (CRCF) is a complex that hosts numerous rental car agencies. They are often found at American airports. The incentive for building consolidated facilities are numerous, including: less congestion on surface streets, more convenience for rental car company employees, greater efficiencies for rental car companies, and numerous environmental benefits from reduced emissions to consolidated, professionally managed fueling stations. Typical services to the rental car companies include onsite offices, fueling, car wash, car prep (vacuums, windshield wiper fluids, and trash services), and light maintenance areas.

A CRCF may include the following areas: Customer Service Area/Building (CSA/CSB); Garage or "ready/return" areas; and back of house prepping areas or "Quick-Turn-Around" (QTA) stations.


Locale Airport Year Notes
Sacramento, CA Sacramento International Airport 1998 First CRCF in the U.S.[1]
New York CityNewark, NJ Newark Liberty International Airport [when?] [2]
Dallas–Ft. Worth Metro Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport [when?] A CRCF has existed since at least February 2001[3]
Cleveland, OH Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 1998 [citation needed]
San Francisco, CA San Francisco International Airport 1998 Expanded in June 2008[4]
Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque International Sunport 2001 [5]
Baltimore-Washington Metro Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport 2003 [6]
Houston, TX George Bush Intercontinental Airport 2003 [7]
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport 2005 At the opening date this was the largest CRCF in the U.S.[8]
Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor International Airport 2006 [9]
Las Vegas, NV McCarran International Airport 2007 [10]
Kansas City, MO Kansas City International Airport 2007 [11]
Anchorage, AK Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport 2007 [12]
Atlanta, GA Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 2009 [citation needed]
Miami, FL Miami International Airport 2010 First major structure of the Miami Intermodal Center[13]
San Jose, CA San Jose International Airport 2010 [14]
Nashville, TN Nashville International Airport 2011 [15][16]
Memphis, TN Memphis International Airport 2012 [17][18]
Seattle metropolitan area Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 2012 Largest consolidated rental car facility in the United States to win the U.S. Green Building Council's Silver certification.[19][20][21][22]
New Orleans, LA Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport 2012 [23][24][25]
Chicago, IL Midway International Airport 2013
Boston, MA Logan International Airport 2013 [26]

Planned CRCFs[edit]

In 2012, Charlotte/Douglas International Airport launched “CLT 2015” – construction projects to build a 7,000 parking space Consolidated Rental Car Facility.[27]


Consolidated rental car facilities often result in higher rental car fees, long distances between facilities and the airports they serve, and frustration over consolidated rental car shuttles, which can be crowded.[28]


Services on the Internet have arisen which provide a virtual consolidated rental car facility, i.e. providing an integrated system with multiple rental companies' offers.[29] Similar services are offered by travel websites including Travelocity and Expedia.


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