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Consolidation may refer to:

In science and technology[edit]

In economics[edit]

Other uses[edit]

Consolidation = merging or integration of many items into one.

  • Championship consolidation, the act of combining two separate championships into a single title
  • Democratic consolidation, the process by which a new democracy matures
  • School consolidation, the process of combining two or more small schools into one larger institution
  • Land consolidation, the process that consolidates small fragmented parcels of land into larger contiguous plots
  • Municipal consolidation, the act of merging two or more municipalities to form a single new one
  • Power consolidation, a common phrase of a dictator consolidating political power

See also[edit]

  • Consolidated city–county, a consolidation of city and county governments used by some United States cities
  • Travel consolidators, a consolidation of travel services in one package or at one single point of access
  • Likud, a conservative Israeli political party whose name is Hebrew for "Consolidation"