Conspiracies (TV series)

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Not to be confused with The Conspiracy Files.
Conspiracies TV Logo.jpg
Conspiracies logo
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel BBC Choice
Original release 2 January 2001 – n/a

Conspiracies is a documentary television programme produced by the BBC and broadcast on both BBC Choice (from 2 January 2001) and TechTV (from 1 October 2003). The series was hosted by Clive Anderson. Though a small number of episodes were produced, they focused on a variety of well known conspiracy theories.


  • The New World Order: Are there secret societies that constitute a shadow government that rules the world?
  • Aliens: Are extraterrestrials behind phenomena such as mysterious lights in the sky, abductions and crop circles?
  • The Spying Game: Myths and mysteries surrounding espionage organizations such as the CIA.
  • Government Cover-Ups? (Disasters): Have politicians covered up the truth in the tragedies of TWA 800, at Oklahoma and in Waco?
  • Satanic Panic: Are Satan's minions among us, creating havoc through everything from rock music to liberal education policies?
  • Death Of An Icon (Iconic Death): Assassination theories about the deaths of prominent people, including JFK and his brother Bobby, and Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.
  • Hidden Places: Exploring secret spots all over the globe, from Area 51 in Nevada to subterranean supercomputers and rumors of a tropical paradise inside the Earth.
  • Big Brother: As the wired world becomes ever more intrusive, are we becoming vulnerable to the all-seeing eye of big brother?
  • American Presidents: Are presidential political scandals the result of media leaks, or carefully planned manipulation by the government?
  • Body Panic: Are some of us being used as unwilling guinea pigs in the development of biological weapons, such as HIV and Gulf War Syndrome?
  • Outer Space Hoax: Was the moon landing a hoax? Are there alien bases on the moon? Is it true that astronauts have seen UFOs? And what was really found on Mars?
  • Green Science: Is big business suppressing the development of free energy sources such as cold fusion? What about genetically modified foods?
  • Rock 'N' Roll Deaths: What are the true stories behind the sordid deaths of rock and roll stars? Is Elvis still alive? Is Paul McCartney really alive?

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