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Conspiracy new logo.png
Beyond Expectations
Formation 2003
Purpose Demogroup
Barna "BoyC" Buza
Gergely "Gargaj" Szelei
István "Innocent" Major
László "Vincenzo" Vincze
Zoltán "ZooM" Szabó

Conspiracy is a Hungarian demogroup founded in late 2002. Being an amalgamation of various other groups, founding members were members of demogroups Digital Dynamite, Inquisition and Ümlaüt Design.

Although a relatively new group, Conspiracy has already received critical acclaim within the demoscene. Their first production, "Project Genesis", was released during the week of Easter 2003 at the Breakpoint demoparty and received first place in the 64kb category. With the exception of SE2004, Conspiracy has consistently placed first in every 64kb competition they've entered until 2006, including their 2005 intro, "Binary Flow" released at Breakpoint 2005.

The group faced a first major defeat at Breakpoint 2006, when "Memento" came only second behind Fairlight's "Meet the Family". Coincidentally, it was their first intro not to feature their eight-pointed star logo anywhere in the intro. While the group couldn't strike back at FLT at Assembly later that year, their intro Chaos Theory, which featured a much harder, uptempo style than the usual, became one of their most critically acclaimed productions to date, winning a Award the next year and being selected to be screened at SIGGRAPH 2007.[1]


As of 2009, Conspiracy members include:

  • Barna "BoyC" Buza - code
  • Gergely "Gargaj" Szelei - code
  • Márton "mrc!" Ekler - code
  • István "Innocent" Major - music
  • Mátyás "TrX" Terstyánszky - graphics
  • László "Vincenzo" Vincze - music
  • Kornél "Xenophobe" Felföldi - music
  • Zoltán "ZooM" Szabó - graphics


Awards which Conspiracy has received include:


1st place, Main demo party, 64kb intro compo [1] - Actuator


  • 2nd place, Breakpoint demo party, 64kb intro compo [2] - Invoke (with Still)


  • "Best XNA demo", Assembly 2007 - f07
  • "Computer Animations - Honorary Mention", Ars Electronica [3] - Chaos Theory
  • "Experimental Category Winner", Aniboom Awards [4] - Chaos Theory
  • "Best 64k intro" for Conspiracy, 2006 Awards [5] - Chaos Theory


  • 2nd place, Assembly demo party, 64kb intro compo [6] - Chaos Theory
  • 2nd place, Breakpoint demo party, 64kb intro compo [7] - Memento


  • "Best realtime demo", FMX Festival - The Prophecy
  • 1st place, Breakpoint demo party, 64kb intro compo [8] - Binary Flow
  • "Best 64k intro" for Conspiracy, 2004 Awards [9] - The Prophecy


  • 1st place, Assembly 2004 demo party, 64kb intro compo [10] - The Prophecy
  • 3rd place, Scene Event 2004 demo party, 64kb intro compo [11] - Buenzli 13 Invitation
  • 1st place, Breakpoint demo party, 64kb intro compo [12] - Saturday Night Scener
  • "Breakthrough performance", 2003 Awards [13] - Project Genesis
  • 1st place, State of the Art 2004 demo party, 64kb intro compo [14] - Beyond


  • 1st place, SceneCON 2003 demo party, 64kb intro compo [15] - A Place Called Universe
  • 1st place, Breakpoint 2003 demo party, 64kb intro compo [16] - Project Genesis


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