Constance Wachtmeister

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Constance Wachtmeister

Constance Georgina Louise Bourbel de Monpincon (March 28, 1838 – 1910) was born in Florence, Italy.[1] Her father was French, her mother English.

In 1863 she married her cousin, the Count Wachtmeister, with whom she had a son, count Axel Raoul. After three years of marriage she moved to Stockholm where, in 1868, the count was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.[1] After the death of her husband in 1871, she still lived in Sweden for several years. In 1879 the countess began investigating Spiritism and in 1881 joined the Theosophical Society.

She was an important partner for Helena Blavatsky and essential support for the work of The Secret Doctrine. She has not left many written texts, but her work "Reminiscences of H. P. Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine" is a source for a study on the personality of Madame Blavatsky.[2] Subsequently organized the Theosophical Publishing Co. alongside Bertram Keightley, in order to publish the works of H.P.B. After working tirelessly to spread the Theosophical message, the countess died in 1910.


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