Constantia (typeface)

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Constantia sample alt.svg
Category Serif
Designer(s) John Hudson [1]
Foundry Microsoft

Constantia is a serif typeface, part of a suite of typefaces included with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Office 2007.[1]

Development of the typeface began in 2003.

Constantia is featured in the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection, a set of fonts developed to take advantage of ClearType to improve the reading experience in Windows Vista and Office 2007. It was designed for either print or on-screen uses.

This font, along with Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas and Corbel, is also distributed with various free Office viewers,[2][3][4] the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack[5] and the Open XML File Format Converter for Mac.[6]

Writing in 2011, Hudson commented, "I actually don't like the name Constantia very much, and every time I see the sea birds on the dock while I'm waiting for the ferry I wish I'd thought to call it Cormorant."[7]


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