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Constantino Reyes-Valerio
Born (1922-01-10)January 10, 1922
Zinacatepec, Puebla, Mexico
Died December 13, 2006(2006-12-13)
Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Institutions Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia INAH
Alma mater I.P.N, U.N.A.M
Known for Arte Indocristiano, Azul Maya, Christian Iconography

Constantino Reyes-Valerio (10 January 1922 - 13 December 2006) was a prominent Mexican scholar of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, particularly the Aztec and the Maya as well as the Colonial Art.

Reyes-Valerio identified the artistic contribution of Native Mexican Indians in the Colonial painting and sculpture; he coined the term Indochristian art. Another major contribution was his seminal work on the chemical composition and process of the Maya Blue Pigment where he re-discovered the technique used by the Maya to create the famous turquoise blue pigment. He was granted a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1972 for Fine Arts Research. He corresponded extensively with major scholars in Mexico and abroad such as George Kubler, Santiago Sebastian and Enrique Marco Dorta among others. In 2000 he was named Emeritus Researcher by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.

In April 2009, a special edition of the INAH bulletin (Boletin de Monumentos Historicos Num 12 enero-abril 2008) was published as an in memoriam edition dedicated to Constantino Reyes-Valerio. Several important researchers, Miguel Leon-Portilla, Alfredo López Austin, Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, Giacomo Chiari, Carlos Navarrete Cáceres, Beatriz Barba Ahuatzin, Dora Sierra, Guillermo Tovar y de Teresa, Manuel Sanchez del Rio, Rosa Camelo among others contributed with articles to this bulletin.

Event at which the Photographic Archive of INAH's Coordinacion de Monumentos Historicos was named after Constantino Reyes-Valerio. On the Photograph: Natalia Fiorentini, Carlos Navarrete and Rosa Camelo and a picture of Reyes-Valerio on the far left.


Escuela ConstantinoReyesValerio.jpg

Reyes-Valerio studied primary and secondary school in his native town of Zinacatepec, where he also learned to speak Nahuatl. In 2008 a bilingual school (Spanish-Nahuatl) in Zinacatepec was named after him.

He studied high school in the city of Puebla, where he also studied one year of Medicine before moving to Mexico City and transferring to Chemistry at the I.P.N where he obtained the degree of "Quimico Bacteriologo y Parasitologo" (MSc in Chemistry, Bacteriology and Parasitology). He did postgraduate studies at the University of Illinois. After several years working as a chemist, he started to attend lectures in art history by Francisco de la Maza among others and decided to study history. In 1981 he obtained an M.Sc. in Mexican History at UNAM. Later on he started a Ph.D. in Mexican History at the same institution. He was a doctoral candidate at the time he died. He also studied Photography in Mexico and New York and contributed the photographs of his own books as well as classic books such as Mexican Art by Justino Fernandez.

Major works[edit]

Reyes-Valerio's main contributions were in the areas of Arte Indocristiano where he wrote 6 books and numerous journal articles and Azul Maya with the De Bonampak al Templo Mayor. El Azul maya en Mesoamérica and several journal publications.

He was a very active photographer and took the photographs for several books and to the general archive of the INAH. In 2009, his contribution was recognised by naming the Photographic Archive of the "Coordinacion Nacional de Monumentos Culturales" of INAH with his name.

He received several awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Rafael Ramirez Prize granted by the S.E.P., Premio Francisco Javier Clavijero granted by INAH and the Emeritus Researcher degree by INAH as well.



  • 1960 Tepalcingo.
  • 1960 Trilogía Barroca.
  • 1964 Colegios de Tepotzotlán.
  • 1964 Juan Gersón. Tlacuilo de Tecamachalco.[disambiguation needed]
  • 1967 Tepotzotlán.
  • 1977 El Libro De Villard De Honnecourt. Manuscrito Del Siglo XIII.
  • 1978 Arte Indocristiano. Escultura del siglo XVI en México.
  • 1989 El pintor de conventos. Los murales del siglo XVI en la Nueva España, México, INAH
  • 1993 De Bonampak al Templo Mayor. El Azul maya en Mesoamérica.
  • 2000 Arte Indocristiano. Escultura y pintura del siglo XVI en México.

Photographic works[edit]

  • 1965 Mexican Art. Justino Fernandez
  • 1967 Museo Nacional de Antropología. Eugenio Fishgrund
  • 1967 Museo Nacional de Historia. Eugenio Fishgrund
  • 1969 100 Obras Maestras del Museo Nacional de Antropología, México. Jose Bolea
  • 1974 Pintura del siglo XVII, por Diego Angulo Íñiguez,
  • 1974 El arte en América y Filipinas por Enrique Marco Dorta.
  • 1985 Arte Iberoamericano desde la colonización a la Independencia, por Santiago Sebastián, José de Mesa y Teresa Gisbert de Meza.

Journal papers and international conferences[edit]

  • 1980 “La pintura mural del siglo XVI en México”. (en libro en homenaje a Erwin Walter Palm, Heidelberg, Alemania) Jahrbuch für geschichte von staat, wirtschaft II, pp. 629–635.
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  • 2001 David Ajó, G. Chiari & C. Reyes-Valerio. “Characterization of Maya Blue by Photoluminescence Spectroscopy”. Poster presentado en el 32nd International Symposium of ARCHAEOMETRY, May-15-19, 2000 Ciudad de México, México y que será publicado próximamente.
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Journal Papers in Spanish[edit]

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