Constantinos Christoforou

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Constantinos Christoforou
Born (1977-04-25) 25 April 1977 (age 37)
Limassol, Cyprus
Origin Cypriot, Greece
Genres Pop, ethnic, rock, dance
Occupation(s) Singer/songwriter
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar
Years active 1994–present
Labels Minos EMI, Universal
Associated acts One
Website Official Page

'Constantinos Christoforou' is a Cypriot singer. He was born in Limassol, Cyprus on 25 April 1976.[1]


He was still a student when his first cd single, "Tora pou milas" was released in 1994. His first album, O,ti m'afora was released in 1996. The album became double platinum making Christoforou the first Cypriot artist ever to receive double platinum album for a national cd production. A few days after the Contest, Christoforou accompanied Greek singer Anna Vissi in Cyprus as well as in her winter performances with Greek singer Sakis Rouvas in Athens. He was the permanent support act of Vissi in all her Greek and international concerts until 1999.

1999: Giorgos Theophanous made Christoforou a proposition to become the leader singer of the pop group One, which he accepted. In 1999 we joined a pop group called "One". The boy-band has several number one hits in Greece and Cyprus. His first solo album in Greece was released entitled "H agapi sou paei". It included the song "Pote min les pote", a duet with Anna Vissi. The album went gold within 2 months[citation needed].

In 2004 his second album, Idiotiki Parastasi was released. During that year, Christoforou was assigned to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest for the 3rd time by CYBC television. The representing ethnic influenced song, "Ela Ela", was voted by the people. In 2005 his 3rd album was released entitled "O Gyros tou Kosmou". 2006: In spring 2006 Christoforou released his cd single "Thes na kanoume sxesi". 2007: His 4th album was released named H alithia ine mia!. In summer 2007, in Cyprus Music Awards, Christoforou was given the award for best song of the year, "Stasou ena lepto", voted by the people. A few days later, Christoforou was the opening act for Bryan Adams for his grand concert in Cyprus with the song "She's no fool".

Many artists have chosen to sing songs written by Christoforou: Giannis Parios with Agapi Mou in 2003, Anna Vissi with the big hit "Erimi Poli" in 2004, Stamatis Gonidis in his cd with Antio, Giannis Savvidakis with "Ti na sou po", Andreas Ektoras with "Ksimeromata", Stella Georgiadou with "Pes to" and "Akoma mia mera xorista" (lyrics by Zinonas Zintilis) and Eirini Merkouri with "Den exoume tipota pia na poume". He also wrote two songs for Katerina Stasini with whom they had also worked in the past. One of the songs was “Tou kosmou ta mikrofona”.

2008: In June of that year Christoforou released his new album entitled “Istoria 2008”, following a more pop-rock sound. A duet from that album was “Afto to vrady tha’ne diko mas” with the Cypriot singer Constantina. 2009: Christoforou released his 5th album, called “Allios” after returning to his old record company EMI Music. 2010: He released the digital single from EMI “Yia ola ikanos”, written by himself. In 2003 Christoforou leaves "One".

2011: Christoforou performed live in one of the most well-known music stages, Arhitektoniki” with Eleni Dimou. October 2011: The duet with Eleni Dimou “Oxigono” was released. Moreover, from September 2011 to January 2012, Christoforou took part in the TV show “Dancing on Ice” which was aired by Antenna TV in Greece.2013 July: He released the ethnic song “Na rotato ta kimata”.2013–2014: He performed in the show “Ola eginan tragoudia” with the popular singer Despina Olympiou in Theatre Vergina of Hyatt Regency Casino in Thessaloniki.

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

In 1996 he represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996 with the song Mono gia mas, winning the 8th position.[1] In 2002 the group "One" represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 getting the 6th position.[1] Christoforou returned to the Eurovision stage as a solo artist in 2005 with the song Ela Ela (Come Baby) finishing in 18th place with a score of 46 points.[2]



  • 1996 O,TI M' AFORA (released in Cyprus only) 3X Platinum
  • 2003 I AGAPI SOU PAI – (released in Greece and Cyprus) Cyprus: Platinum
  • 2004 IDIOTIKI PARASTASI – (released in Greece and Cyprus) Cyprus: Gold
  • 2005 O GIROS TOU KOSMOU – (released in Greece and Cyprus)
  • 2006 BEST OF
  • 2007 I ALITHIA INE MIA – (released in Greece and Cyprus)
  • 2009 ALLIOS – (released in Greece and Cyprus)


  • 1995 TORA POU MILAS (released in Cyprus) Platinum
  • 1996 MONO YIA MAS (released in Cyprus) Gold
  • 1998 2000 KERIA (released in Cyprus) Platinum
  • 2003 @LIVE (released in Cyprus)
  • 2005 ELA-ELA (released in Greece and Cyprus)
  • 2006 THES NA KANUME SHESI (released in Greece and Cyprus) Cyprus: Gold, Greece: Gold
  • 2008 ISTORIA 2008 (released in Greece and Cyprus)

With One[edit]

  • 1999 ONE (EP)
  • 1999 ONE (album) Greece: Platinum, Cyprus: Platinum
  • 2000 2000ONE (EP)
  • 2001 MORO MOU (album) Greece: Platinum, Cyprus: Platinum
  • 2002 GIMME (single) Greece: Gold, Cyprus: Platinum
  • 2002 DAME (single – released in Spain only)
  • 2002 EHO TOSA NA SOU PO & EHO TOSA NA SOU PO+THE ONE AND ONLY (album) Greece: Platinum, Cyprus: Platinum
  • 2003 BEST OF ONE LIVE STO LIKAVITO (live album)


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