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Manos is a Greek family which was one of minor Phanariot families of Constantinople.

Manos descend from Kastoria, Macedonia, from the founder of the family, Emmanuel (Manos) Philippou (1610 - 1699). Much of the family later settled in the independent Greek Kingdom. Further prominence for the family ensued from the controversial marriage of Aspasia Manos to King Alexander I of Greece.

Its members include:

  • Petros Manos (1871–1918), colonel, younger brother of Konstantinos; father of Aspasia (below) who became king's wife
  • John B. Manos (b. 1971), great-grandson of Petros (above); currently a U.S. attorney; no diplomatic status as he was severed from the family when it was discovered he had been baptized Roman Catholic. Graduate of the Inaugural class of Ave Maria School of Law; ironically is also a Kentucky Colonel like Petros.