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The Following is a list of constituencies of Pakistan for elected seats in National Assembly (Urdu: ایوان زیریں پاکستان) also known as lower house (National Assembly). And Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

List of National Assembly constituencies[edit]

The constituency of National Assembly is called NA (National Assembly) the member of National Assembly called MNA (Member of National Assembly)

List of Provincial Assemblies constituencies[edit]

  • Punjab

The constituency of Punjab Assembly is called PP (Province of Punjab) & and the member of the assembly called MPA ( Member of Provincial Assembly).

  • Sindh

The constituency of Sindh Assembly is called PS (Province of Sindh) & and the member of the assembly called MPA ( Member of Provincial Assembly).

  • Baluchistan

The constituency of Baluchistan Assembly is called PB (Province of Baluchistan) & and the member of the assembly called MPA ( Member of Provincial Assembly).

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Table

Constituency name of National Assembly along with the name of Provincial Assemblies in the same area with the area name.

Constituencies of Punjab Constituencies of Sindh Constituencies of Balochistan Constituencies of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
National Assembly Provincial Assembly National Assembly Provincial Assembly National Assembly Provincial Assembly National Assembly Provincial Assembly
NA-50 Rawalpindi-I PP-1 PP-2 NA-198 Sukkur-I PS-1 PS-2 NA-259 Quetta-I PB-1 + PB-2 PB-3 + PB-4 NA-1 Peshawar-I PK-1 PK-2 + PK-3
NA-51 Rawalpindi-II PP-3 PP-4 NA-199 Sukkur-I PS-3 PS-4 NA-260 Quetta-cum-Chagai-com-Mastung PB-5 + PB-6 PB-38 + PB-39 + PB-40 NA-2 Peshawar-II PK-4 PK-5 + PK-6
NA-52 Rawalpindi-III PP-5 PP-6 NA-200 Ghotki-I PS-5 PS-7 NA-261 Pishin-cum-Ziarat PB-7 + PB-8 PB-9 + PB-10 NA-3 Peshawar-III PK-7 PK-8 + PK-9
NA-53 Rawalpindi-IV PP-7 PP-8 NA-201 Ghotki-II PS-6 PS-8 NA-262 Qila Abdullah PB-11 PB-12 + PB-13 NA-4 Peshawar-IV PK-10 PK-11
NA-54 Rawalpindi-V PP-9 PP-10 NA-202 Shikarpur-I PS-11 PS-12 NA-263 Loralai-cum-Musa Khel-cum-Barkhan PB-14 + PB-15 PB-16 + PB-17 NA-5 Nowshera-I PK-12 PK-13
NA-55 Rawalpindi-VI PP-11 PP-12 NA-203 Shikarpur-II PS-9 PS-10 NA-264 Zhob-cum-Killa Saifullah Zhob-I PB-18 PB-19 + PB-20 NA-6 Nowshera-II PK-14 PK-15 + PK-16
NA-56 Rawalpindi PP-13 PP-14 NA-204 Larkana-I PS-35 PS-36 NA-265 Sibi-cum-Kolhu-cum-Dera Bugti Sibi-I PB-21 + PB-22 PB-23 + PB-24 NA-7 Charsadda-I PK-17 PK-18 + PK-19
NA-57 Attock-I PP-15 PP-16 NA-205 Larkana-II PS-41 PS-42 NA-266 Nasirabad-I PB-25 + PB-26 PB-27 + PB-28 + PB-29 NA-8 Charsadda-II PK-20 PK-21 + PK-22
NA-58 Attock-II PP-18 PP-19 NA-206 Larkana-III PS-39 PS-40 NA-267 Kachhi-I PB-30 PB-31 + PB-32 NA-9 Mardan-I PK-23 PK-24 + PK-30
NA-59 Attock-III PP-17 NA-207 Larkana-IV PS-37 PS-38 NA-268 Kalat-cum-Mastung Kalat-I PB-36 PB-37 + PB-37 NA-10 Mardan-II PK-26 PK-27 + PK-28
NA-60 Chakwal-I PP-20 PP-21 NA-208 Jacobabad-I PS-13 PS-14 NA-269 Khuzdar-I PB-33 + PB-34 PB-35 NA-11 PK-25 PK-29
NA-61 Chakwal-II PP-22 PP-23 NA-209 Jacobabad-II PS-15 PS-16 NA-270 Awaran-cum-Lasbella Awaran PB-41 PB-44 + PB-45 NA-12 Swabi-I PK-31 PK-32 + PK-33
NA-62 Jhelum-I PP-24 PP-25 NA-210 Jacobabad-III PS-17 PS-18 NA-271 Kharan-cum-Panjgur Panjgur-I PB-42 + PB-43 PB-46 + PB-47 NA-13 Swabi-II PK-34 PK-35 + PK-36
NA-63 Jhelum-II PP-26 PP-27 NA-211 Naushero Feroze-I PS-19 PS-23 NA-272 Kech-cum-Gwadar Kech-I PB-48 + PB-49 PB-50 + PB-51 NA-14 Kohat-I PK-37 PK-38 + PK-39
NA-64 Sargodha-I PP-28 PP-29 NA-212 Naushero Feroze-II PS-20 PS-21 + PS-22 NA-15 Karak-I PK-40 PK-41
NA-65 Sargodha-II PP-30 PP-31 NA-213 Nawabshah-I PS-24 PS-25 NA-16 Hangu-I PK-42 PK-43
NA-66 Sargodha-III PP-33 PP-34 NA-214 Nawabshah-II PS-26 PS-27 + PS-28 NA-17 Abbottabad-I PK-44 PK-45
NA-67 Sargodha-IV PP-32 PP-35 + PP-36 NA-215 Khairpur-I PS-29 PS-32 NA-18 Abbottabad-II PK-46 PK-47 + PK-48
NA-68 Sargodha-V PP-37 PP-38 NA-216 Khairpur-II PS-31 PS-33 NA-19 Haripur-I PK-49 + PK-50 PK-51 + PK-52
NA-69 Khushab-I PP-41 PP-42 NA-217 Khairpur-III PS-30 PS-34 NA-20 Mansehra-I PK-53 PK-54 + PK-54
NA-70 Khushab-II PP-39 PP-40 NA-218 Hyderabad-I PS-43 PS-44 NA-21 Mansehra-II PK-55 PK-56
NA-71 Mianwali-I PP-43 PP-44 NA-219 Hyderabad-II PS-48 PS-49 NA-22 Battagram-I PK-59 PK-60
NA-72 Mianwali-II PP-45 PP-46 NA-220 Hyderabad-III PS-45 PS-46 NA-23 Kohistan-I PK-61 PK-62 + PK-63
NA-73 Bhakkar-I PP-47 PP-48 NA-221 Hyderabad-IV PS-47 PS-50 NA-24 D.I.Khan-I PK-64 PK-65 + PK-66
NA-74 Bhakkar-II PP-49 PP-50 NA-222 Hyderabad-V PS-53 PS-54 NA-25 D.I.Khan-IV Tank PK-67 PK-68 + PK-69
NA-75 Faisalabad-I PP-51 PP-52 NA-26 Bannu-I PK-70 + PK-71 PK-72 + PK-73
NA-76 Faisalabad-II PP-53 PP-54 NA-223 Hyderabad-VI PS-51 PS-52 NA-27 Lakki Marwat-I PK-74 PK-75 + PK-76
NA-77 Faisalabad-III PP-55 PP-56 NA-224 Badin-I PS-55 PS-56 NA-28 Bunair-I PK-77 PK-78 + PK-79
NA-79 Faisalabad-V PP-59 PP-60 NA-225 Badin-II PS-57 PS-58 + PS-59 NA-29 Swat-I PK-80 PK-81 + PK-83
NA-78 Faisalabad-IV PP-57 PP-58 NA-226 Mirpurkhas-I PS-64 PS-65 + PS-69 NA-30 Swat-II PK-82 + PK-84 PK-85 + PK-86
NA-80 Faisalabad-VI PP-61 PP-62 NA-227 Mirpurkhas-II PS-66 PS-67 NA-31 Shangla-I PK-87 PK-88
NA-81 Faisalabad-VII PP-63 PP-64 NA-228 Mirpurkhas-III PS-68 PS-70 NA-32 Chitral-I PK-89 PK-90
NA-82 Faisalabad-VIII PP-65 PP-66 NA-229 Tharparkar-I PS-60 PS-61 NA-33 Upper Dir-I PK-91 PK-92 + PK-93
NA-83 Faisalabad-IX PP-67 PP-68 NA-230 Tharparkar-II PS-62 PS-63 NA-34 (Lower Dir)-I PK-94 + PK-95 PK-96 + PK-97
NA-84 Faisalabad-X PP-69 PP-70 NA-231 Dadu-I PS-71 + PS-72 PS-73 NA-35 Malakand Prot. Area-I PK-98 PK-99
NA-85 Faisalabad-XI PP-71 PP-72 NA-232 Dadu-II PS-74 PS-75 Dadu-V
NA-86 Jhang-I PP-73 PP-74 NA-233 Dadu-III PS-76 PS-77
NA-87 Jhang-II PP-75 PP-76 NA-234 Sanghar-I PS-78 PS-79
NA-88 Jhang-III PP-80 PP-81 NA-235 Sanghar-II PS-80 PS-81
NA-89 Jhang-IV PP-77 PP-78 NA-236 Sanghar-III PS-82 PS-83
NA-90 Jhang-V PP-79 NA-237 Thatta-I PS-84 PS-85 + PS-86
NA-91 Jhang-VI PP-82 PP-83 NA-238 Thatta-II PS-87 PS-88
NA-92 T.T. Singh-I PP-84 PP-85 NA-239 Karachi-I PS-89 PS-90
NA-93 T.T. Singh-II PP-86 PP-87 NA-240 Karachi-II PS-91 PS-92
NA-94 T.T. Singh-III PP-88 PP-89 + PP-90 NA-241 Karachi-III PS-93 PS-94
NA-95 Gujranwala-I PP-91 PP-92 NA-242 Karachi-IV PS-95 PS-96 + PS-97
NA-96 Gujranwala-II PP-93 PP-94 NA-243 Karachi-V PS-98 PS-99
NA-97 Gujranwala-III PP-95 PP-96 NA-244 Karachi-VI PS-100 PS-102
NA-98 Gujranwala-IV PP-97 PP-98 NA-245 Karachi-VII PS-101 PS-103
NA-99 Gujranwala-V PP-99 PP-100 NA-246 Karachi-VIII PS-105 PS-106
NA-100 Gujranwala-VI PP-101 PP-102 NA-247 Karachi-IX PS-104 PS-107
NA-101 Gujranwala-VII PP-103 PP-104 NA-248 Karachi-X PS-108 PS-109
NA-102 Hafizabad-I PP-105 PP-106 NA-249 Karachi-XI PS-110 PS-111
NA-103 Hafizabad-II PP-107 NA-250 Karachi-XII PS-112 PS-113
NA-104 Gujrat-I PP-108 PP-109 NA-251 Karachi-XIII PS-114 PS-115
NA-105 Gujrat-II PP-110 PP-111 NA-252 Karachi-XIV PS-116 PS-117
NA-106 Gujrat-III PP-112 PP-113 NA-253 Karachi-XV PS-118 PS-126
NA-107 Gujrat-IV PP-114 PP-115 NA-254 Karachi-XVI PS-124 PS-125
NA-108 M.B.Din-I PP-116 PP-117 + PP-120 NA-255 Karachi-XVII PS-122 PS-123 + PS-128
NA-109 M.B.Din-II PP-118 PP-119 NA-256 Karachi-XVIII PS-119 PS-120
NA-110 Sialkot -I PP-122 PP-123 NA-257 Karachi-XIX PS-121 PS-127
NA-111 Sialkot-II PP-121 PP-124 NA-258 Karachi-XX PS-129 PS-130

Remaining Constituencies of Punjab

Constituencies of Punjab Constituencies of Punjab Constituencies of Punjab Constituencies of Punjab
National Assembly Provincial Assembly National Assembly Provincial Assembly National Assembly Provincial Assembly National Assembly Provincial Assembly
NA-112 Sialkot -III PP-129 PP-131 NA-113 Sialkot -IV PP-128 PP-130 NA-114 Sialkot-V PP-126 PP-127 NA-115 Narowal-I PP-132 PP-136
NA-116 Narowal-II PP-133 PP-134 NA-117 Narowal-III PP-135 NA-118 Lahore-I PP-137 PP-138 NA-119 Lahore-II PP-141 PP-142
NA-120 Lahore-III PP-139 PP-140 NA-121 Lahore-IV PP-149 PP-150 NA-122 Lahore-V PP-147 PP-148 NA-123 Lahore-VI PP-143 PP-144
NA-124 Lahore-VII PP-145 PP-146 NA-125 Lahore-VIII PP-155 PP-156 NA-126 Lahore-IX PP-151 PP-152 NA-127 Lahore-X PP-153 PP-154 + PP-155
NA-128 Lahore-XI PP-160 PP-161 NA-129 Lahore-XII PP-159 NA-130 Lahore-XIII PP-157 PP-158 NA-131 Sheikhupura-I PP-162 PP-163
NA-132 Sheikhupura-II PP-164 PP-165 NA-133 Sheikhupura-III PP-167 NA-134 Sheikhupura-IV PP-166 PP-169 NA-135 Sheikhupura-V PP-170 PP-171
NA-136 Sheikhupura-VI PP-168 PP-173 NA-137 Sheikhupura-VII PP-172 PP-174 NA-138 Kasur-I PP-175 PP-176 NA-139 Kasur-II PP-177 PP-178
NA-140 Kasur-III PP-179 PP-180 NA-141 Kasur-IV PP-181 PP-182 NA-142 Kasur-V PP-183 PP-184
NA-143 Okara-I PP-185 PP-188 NA-144 Okara-II PP-190 PP-191 NA-145 Okara-III PP-186 NA-146 Okara-IV PP-187 PP-192
NA-147 Okara-V PP-193 NA-148 Multan-I PP-201 PP-202 NA-149 Multan-II PP-194 PP-197 NA-150 Multan-III PP-195 PP-196
NA-151 Multan-IV PP-198 PP-199 + PP-200 NA-152 Multan-V PP-203 PP-204 NA-153 Multan-VI PP-205 PP-206 NA-154 Lodhran-I PP-210 PP-211
NA-155 Lodhran-II PP-207 PP-208 + PP-209 NA-156 Khanewal-I PP-212 PP-213 NA-157 Khanewal-II PP-214 PP-215 NA-158 Khanewal-III PP-216 PP-217
NA-159 Khanewal-IV PP-218 PP-219 NA-160 Sahiwal-I PP-220 PP-221 NA-161 Sahiwal-II PP-222 PP-223 NA-162 Sahiwal-III PP-224 PP-225
NA-163 Sahiwal-IV PP-226 NA-164 Pakpattan-I PP-227 PP-229 NA-165 Pakpattan-II PP-228 NA-166 Pakpattan-III PP-230 PP-231
NA-167 Vehari-I PP-232 PP-233 NA-168 Vehari-II PP-234 PP-235 NA-169 Vehari-III PP-236 PP-237 NA-170 Vehari-IV PP-238 PP-239
NA-171 D.G.Khan-I PP-240 PP-241 NA-172 D.G. Khan-II PP-243 PP-244 + PP-245 NA-173 D.G.Khan-III PP-242 PP-246 NA-174 Rajanpur-I PP-247 PP-248
NA-175 Rajanpur-II PP-249 PP-250 NA-176 Muzaffargarh-I PP-251 PP-253 NA-177 Muzaffargarh-II PP-252 PP-255 NA-178 Muzaffargarh-III PP-254 PP-256
NA-179 Muzaffargarh-IV PP-257 PP-258 + PP-259 NA-180 Muzaffargarh-V PP-260 PP-261 NA-181 Layyah-I PP-262 PP-263 + PP-264 NA-182 Layyah-II PP-265 PP-266
NA-183 Bahawalpur-I PP-267 PP-268 NA-184 Bahawalpur-II PP-269 PP-270 NA-185 Bahawalpur-III PP-271 PP-272 NA-186 Bahawalpur-IV PP-273 PP-274
NA-187 Bahawalpur-V PP-275 PP-276 NA-188 Bahawalnagar-I PP-277 PP-278 NA-189 Bahawalnagar-II PP-279 PP-280 NA-190 Bahawalnagar-III PP-281 PP-282
NA-191 Bahawalnagar-IV PP-283 PP-284 NA-192 R.Y. Khan-I PP-285 PP-286 NA-193 R.Y. Khan-II PP-287 PP-289 + PP-290 NA-194 R.Y. Khan-III PP-288
NA-195 R.Y. Khan-IV PP-292 PP-295 NA-196 R.Y. Khan-V PP-291 PP-293 + PP-294 NA-197 R.Y. Khan-VI PP-296 PP-297


List of Pakistan National Assembly Seats

Constitution of Pakistan in PDF