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Constitution Party of Oregon
Chairman Jack Alan Brown, Jr.
Founded 2000
Headquarters 560-A NE "F" Street
Box 201
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Ideology Paleoconservatism, Nationalism, Economic Liberalism
National affiliation Constitution Party (2000-2006)(2013-)
Colors Red, White & Blue with Green
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Constitution Party of Oregon is a political party organized as a minor party pursuant to state election law,[1] and recognized by the State of Oregon as a state-wide nominating party.[2]

The state party was organized in 2000 as an affiliate of the national Constitution Party. However, on May 20, 2006, a proposal to break with the national party was debated and ultimately adopted. Similar measures were taken by other state parties after the national party partially abandoned their pro-life position on the issue of abortion, supporting it in the cases of rape, incest, or the life of the mother. The amendment argued that "...until the national Constitution Party resumes a principled, pro-life position – we, in Oregon, should separate ourselves and proceed as an independent state party."[3] However, as of January 2013, It re affiliated to the national Constitution Party.

The party has yet to elect a candidate to statewide office, the Oregon State Senate and the Oregon House of Representatives. In 2004 and 2006 the party fielded candidates in each statewide race, and for the United States Congress in several districts.


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Current number of members[edit]

Registered Constition Party members in Oregon (2009).gif[4]


  • Jack Alan Brown, Jr., Chairman
  • David Brownlow, Vice-Chairman
  • Mary E. Brown, Secretary
  • Ken Cunningham, Treasurer

Electoral history[edit]


Office Name Results
U.S. Congress from Oregon, 1st district Dean Wolf 4,370 (1.62%) - 4th of 4[5]
U.S. Congress from Oregon, 2nd district Jack Alan Brown, Jr. 7,193 (2.65%) - 3rd of 3[5]
U.S. Congress from Oregon, 3rd district David Brownlow 7,003 (2.76%) - 3rd of 3[6]
U.S. Congress from Oregon, 5th district Douglas Patterson 4,160 (1.53%) - 4th of 4[5]
Oregon governor Mary Starrett 50,229 (3.6%) - 3rd of 5[7]
Oregon State Senator, 11th District Keith Humphrey 767 (2.82%) - 3rd of 3[8]
State Senator, 16th District Robert J. Simmering 1,429 - 3rd of 3[9]
State Senator, 17th District John R. Pivarnik 371 - 4th of 4[9]
State Representative, 18th District Roger Shipman 504 - 3rd of 3[10]
State Representative, 22nd District Michael Marsh 381 - 3rd of 3[10]
State Representative, 30th District Ken Cunningham 442 - 3rd of 3[10]
State Representative, 31st District Bob Ekstrom 2,802 - 3rd of 3[10]
State Representative, 48th District N.W. (Bill) Stallings 3,672 - 2nd of 2[10]
Columbia County Commissioner Jonelle Stroup

The Constitution Party of Oregon fielded a candidate in the only statewide race in Oregon, that of Governor, and had nominees for four of Oregon's five congressional districts.

Constitution Party candidates also ran in five of the sixty house districts, and two of the thirty senate districts for the Oregon State Legislature, and one county race, for Columbia County Commissioner.

No Constitution Party candidates won in Oregon in 2006.


Office Name Results
2012 Presidential Election Will Christensen/ Ken Gibbs 4,277 (0.25%) -5th of 6
U.S. Congress from Oregon, 1st district Robert Ekstrom 8,349 (2.63%) - 4th of 4[11]
U.S. Congress from Oregon, 5th district Raymond Baldwin 3,512 (1.09%) - 4th of 4[12]
Oregon Attorney General James Leuenberger 44,250 (2.76%) - 3rd of 4[13]
Oregon State Treasurer Michael Marsh 15,004 (0.93%) - 5th of 5[14]
State Representative, 3rd District Barbara Gonzalez 3,043 (12.25%) - 2nd of 3[15]
State Representative, 4th District Rick Hake 3,047 (12.45%) - 2nd of 2[16]
State Representative, 8th District Lucian Blansett 939 (3.09%) - 3rd of 3[17]
State Representative, 31st District Raymond Biggs 781 (2.66%) - 3rd of 4[18]
State Representative, 32nd District James Welsh 6,851 (25.78%) - 2nd of 3[19]
Lake County Commissioner Position 1 Ken Hamlington 1,289 (36.48%) - 2nd of 2[20]

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