Consuelo Montagu, Duchess of Manchester

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Consuelo Montagu, Duchess of Manchester
Maria Consuelo (née Iznaga y Clement), Duchess of Manchester.jpg
Born Doña María Consuelo Iznaga y Clement
New York City, New York, United States
Died 20 November 1909 (aged 51)
Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Spouse(s) George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester
Children William Montagu, 9th Duke of Manchester
Lady Jacqueline "May" Montagu
Lady Alice "Nell" Montagu
Parent(s) Don Antonio Modesto Iznaga y del Valle
Ellen Maria Clement

María Consuelo Montagu, Duchess of Manchester (1853 – 20 November 1909), née Doña María Consuelo Iznaga y Clement.,[1] was a Cuban-American woman who married George Montagu, Viscount Mandeville. and later became the Duchess of Manchester.



She was born in 1853, in New York City, the second of four children of diplomat Antonio Iznaga y del Valle [2] and Ellen Maria Clement y Little. Her father was from an old Cuban family who owned a large plantation (see Torre Iznaga) and sugar mills in the vicinity of Trinidad, Cuba; they had connections to several Spanish aristocratic families.

Ellen Maria Clement, was the daughter of Samuel Clement, a steamboat captain and Maria Augusta Little. She grew up at Ravenswood Plantation, in Concordia Parish, Louisiana, which she inherited when her parents died.[3] Mr. and Mrs. Iznaga acquired properties in New York and in Newport, Rhode Island, while retaining the plantations in Cuba and Louisiana.[4]


On 22 May 1876 in Grace Church, New York, Consuelo married George Montagu, Viscount Mandeville.[5] After that they settled on the Duke of Manchester's estate in Ireland. They had a son and twin daughters:[6]


In her teenage years Consuelo became known on New York's social scene as one of the group called the Buccaneers.

During her marriage Lady Mandeville engaged herself in charitable organisations. Poverty was a cause that concerned her, and she was also interested in education and health.

The Duchess of Manchester was a renowned beauty. The same were her sisters, Emilie Iznaga y Clement and Natividad (Natica) Iznaga y Clement. The latter was the wife of Sir John Pepys Lister-Kaye, 3rd Baronet. The Duchess was a celebrated society figure, belonging to the intimate circle of Edward VII of the United Kingdom, formerly the Prince of Wales.


On her death in 1909, the Duchess bequeathed a bracelet to her friend Queen Alexandra.

The Manchester tiara, created for the Duchess by Cartier in 1903, is now in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.[9]

Titles and styles[edit]

Styles of
Consuelo Montagu,
Duchess of Manchester
Reference style Her Grace
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style Ma'am
  • 1859 – 1876: Doña María "Consuelo" Iznaga y Clement
  • 1876 – 1890: Viscountess Mandeville
  • 1890 – 1892: Her Grace the Duchess of Manchester
  • 1892 – 1909: Her Grace the Dowager Duchess of Manchester


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