Continental Circus (album)

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Continental Circus
Soundtrack album by Gong avec Daevid Allen
Released April 1972
Recorded April 1971, Château d'Hérouville (France)
Genre Progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock
Label Philips Records
Gong avec Daevid Allen chronology
Camembert Electrique
Continental Circus
Flying Teapot
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 3/5 stars[1]

Continental Circus is the original soundtrack album of the film of the same name, containing music credited to "Gong avec Daevid Allen", recorded in April 1971 and originally released in April 1972 in France on Philips 6332 033.

The film's subject matter was motor cycle racing and was directed by Jérôme Laperrousaz.

No recording or musician details are provided with the original LP release, but it was recorded prior to (but released after) Camembert Electrique, as "What Do You Want?" is the same piece as "Fohat Digs Holes in Space" on the latter album, but the version here has different lyrics, and is played slower and more carefully, as though it were a newer piece to the band.

The track titled "Continental Circus World" consists of dialogue and sound effects from the film, backed with a looped excerp from "Blues for Findlay"; therefore the album actually contains only one new composition.

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Blues for Findlay" (Gilli Smyth, Jérôme Laperrousaz) – 11:18
  2. "Continental Circus World" (Smyth, Laperrousaz) – 4:13

Side two[edit]

  1. "What Do You Want?" (Smyth) – 9:04
  2. "Blues for Findlay – Instrumental" (Smyth) – 9:38

There are known to be bootleg versions which include additional tracks:

  1. "Blues For Findlay (Live 1972)" (Smyth) – 11:25
  2. "Flying Teapot (Live 1972)" (Daevid Allen, Francis Moze) – 27:42
  3. "(Bonus Track)" (unknown composer/s) – 4:38

Further, a French audio CD exists: imported into Germany (ASIN: B006AT7RQU)(Label: Unknown)(via Ginger Music - Progressive Rock); sleeve reads (in French) "Bande originale du film J. Laperrousaz, musique par Gong avec Daevid Allen"; sticker on the cover (in English) states "French-only heavy-psychedelic soundtrack album from 1971 + 11 rare tracks". Sales listing information conflicts with this: "Rare 1971 soundtrack album from their prime period, reissued with 10 BONUS tracks".



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