Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore

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Convent of Jesus and Mary
Convent of Jesus and Mary.jpeg
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Founded 1876
Founder Claudine Thevenet
Principal Sister Pilar Vila San Juan
Color(s) Red and white
Slogan "Education is not Information but Formation."

The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore is a girls-only school located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Classes start with preschool and end with Grade 11. The school is known as one of the most prestigious schools for girls in Lahore. Many parents also prefer sending their children here because of the lack of good all-girls educational institutions in the city. Many of the students of the school come from elite families and backgrounds. It was founded on the 17th of November 1876 and received official recognition in 1881. Both the GCE Ordinary Level and Matriculation curricula are followed in the school. Around 2300 students are educated in the school, gaining GCSE degrees as well as matriculation degrees.

The school is divided into three sections:

  • Kindergarten Section (Prep through Grade 3)
  • Junior Section (Grades 4 through 6)
  • Senior Section (Grades 7 through 11)

In 2001 the school celebrated its 125th year. The Pakistani postal service issued a stamp commemorating the anniversary.

On February 15, 2012, the President of Pakistan approved conferment of Sitara Quaid-e-Azam on Sister John Berchmans Conway, a former teacher of the school, for her services towards education and promoting interfaith harmony in Pakistan.[1]


The students of the school are placed into one of four houses:

  • Unity (red)
  • Faith (green)
  • Discipline (yellow)
  • Service (blue)

Rivalry between houses becomes especially evident once students enter the Senior Section.

Thevenet Centre[edit]

Thevenet Centre commemorative sticker

The Thevenet Centre for special children was opened on the 3rd of February 2000. At the opening ceremony Sister Marie Cecile Osborne RJM threw light on the reasons for opening the centre. She said:

"In the summer of 1998, one of our parents, Mrs. Nari Suleiman who has a son with special needs expressed the desire to Sr.Pilar that her child attend our school somehow, somewhere. At that stage we had no provision as such for children with special needs, but it was her request that gave birth to the idea of starting Thevenet Centre and for this we thank her.

The Sisters of Jesus and Mary are proud to say that they have been educating the girls of Lahore since 1876,135 years now. It seemed only right then, that at the dawn of the new millennium they should venture forth into a new branch of education and provide for children, not with disabilities, but with different abilities."

Fatima Urdu Medium School[edit]

In 1956 an Urdu Medium School was opened to impart education to those of the area who could not afford any education at all. Starting from two rooms, the school has expanded, now offering classes from kindergarten to Matriculation educating many needy people. Till class 1 boys are also educated in Urdu medium section.

Other branches in Pakistan[edit]

CJM Murree branch

There are seven branches of CJM in Pakistan:

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