Convict 99 (1919 film)

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Convict 99
Directed by G. B. Samuelson
Produced by G. B. Samuelson
Written by Robert Leighton
Marie Connor Leighton
Starring Wee Georgie Wood
Daisy Burrell
Wyndham Guise
Release dates
  • 1919 (1919)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Daisy Burrell in 1919, from the cover of Pictures and Picturegoer magazine dated May 10–17, 1919

Convict 99 is a British silent motion picture of 1919 produced and directed by G. B. Samuelson and starring Daisy Burrell, C. M. Hallard, Wee Georgie Wood, and Wyndham Guise. It was written by Robert Leighton and Marie Connor Leighton.

A comedy, the film consists of six reels.[1] It premiered at a Trade Show in April 1919.[2]

Convict 99 was at the Gaiety Cinema, Singapore, in February 1920, when it was advertised as -

Samuelson presents the all British production starring C. M. Hallard and Daisy Burrell in CONVICT 99 by M. Connor and R. Leighton in 6 parts[3]

It was shown in Singapore again in November 1921, this time at the Empire.[4]



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