Convict Pool

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Convict Pool
EP by Calexico
Released April 6, 2004
Recorded Wedgewood, Nashville, Tennessee; Water Works, Wavelab Studios, Tucson, Arizona
Genre Indie rock
Alternative country
Label Quarterstick Records
Calexico chronology
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Convict Pool
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Source Rating
Tiny Mix Tapes 4/5 stars link

Convict Pool is an EP released by Arizona band Calexico. Among its tracks is a cover version of the Minutemen's classic "Corona", with an arrangement featuring mariachi horns reminiscent of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and a cover of Love's "Alone Again Or" featuring flamenco handclaps.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Alone Again Or" - (3:24) (with Nicolai Dunger and His Band; music by Bryan MacLean)
  2. "Convict Pool" - (3:58) (Joey Burns)
  3. "Si Tu Disais" - (3:23) (lyrics by Dominique Ané; music by Ané, Chataigner, Toorop, Bondu; originally sung by Françoiz Breut)
  4. "Corona" - (3:21) (Dennes D. Boon)
  5. "Praskovia" - (2:44) (Burns)
  6. "Sirena" - (3:42) (Burns)