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Cover art of Cookie
Developer(s) Tim and Chris Stamper
Publisher(s) Ultimate Play The Game
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum
Release date(s)
  • EU 1983 (ZX Spectrum)
Genre(s) Arcade
Mode(s) Single Player
Distribution Cassette, ROM cartridge, Microdrive Cartridge

Cookie is a ZX Spectrum video game written by Chris and Tim Stamper and published by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983. It was one of four 16K games by Ultimate that were available on ROM format for use with the ZX Interface 2. A version was also created for the BBC Micro but was not commercially released.[2]


Typically for Ultimate and Rare/Rareware releases, players are given a tantalising and humorous introduction :

"Charlie the Chef keeps all the ingredients locked away in the pantry, only letting them out when he wants to cook them!
Now this makes them jolly upset, let me tell you.
So! As soon as they can, the ingredients dash out of the pantry dragging all the sorts of nasties, found in the bottom of drawers and cupboards, with them, to escape, and run wild.
Poor old Charlie!
He has to daze the ingredients with his flour bombs and knock them into the mixing bowl, because if they go into the dustbins they will be eaten by the bin monster, who doesn't care one little bit where he throws any rubbish.
Should any rubbish or nasties get into the cake mix then the "ingredients needed" counter will change, and Charlie will have to work quicker and faster, if he's going to bake his cake ..."


In the game Charlie the Chef has to bake a cake, but the ingredients (Mixed Peel, Chunky Chocolate, Crafty Cheese, Sneaky Sugar and Colonel Custard) are reluctant.


Cookie received some positive reviews, with CRASH magazine concluding its review "addictive and highly recommended".[3] Sinclair User was less positive about the game, commenting "The game concept is novel but it is easy to lose interest after you have played through a few levels of those evil ingredients.".[4]


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