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Cookie Jar Toons/This Is for Kids
Type Weekday morning cartoon block/Weekend morning children's program block
Country United States
Availability Nationwide, though not in every market
Owner Cookie Jar Group (2008-2012)
DHX Media (2012-2013)
Launch date
November 1, 2008
Dissolved October 31, 2013
Affiliation This TV
Replaced by Unbranded E/I programming

Cookie Jar Toons (also known as This Is for Kids) was a daily and weekend children's programming block on the This TV digital broadcast network when that network was partially owned by Weigel Broadcasting. The block was programmed by Halifax based DHX Media (previously Cookie Jar Entertainment).[1][2] The block used the name "Cookie Jar Toons" for E/I programs, and the name "This Is for Kids" for non-E/I programs. Many of the cartoons broadcast on the block were Cookie Jar archive programs from predecessors DiC and Cinar, though some (ie: Mona the Vampire) had never been seen in the US before; other programs (like Sonic Underground) were previously seen on other US networks.

On November 1, 2013, Tribune Broadcasting took over Weigel's half-ownership of This TV, and the weekday lineup was replaced with more airings of films, while the weekend block was reduced to Sundays and the bare three-hour minimum required to meet E/I guidelines without any non-E/I content, replaced with double airings of three series from Bellum Entertainment; Animal Atlas, Zoo Clues, and On the Spot, which have no specific branding or continuity.


Former programming[edit]

E/I Indicates program features content in line with FCC E/I programming guidelines.

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