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Cooking Vinyl
Cooking Vinyl logo.PNG
Founded 1986
Founder Martin Goldschmidt
Pete Lawrence
Distributor(s) eOne Music (Canada)
Caroline (Australia)
RED Distribution (USA)
Genre Various
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London, England
Official website Cooking Vinyl UK
Cooking Vinyl USA

Cooking Vinyl is a UK based independent record company, founded in 1986 by former manager and booking agent Martin Goldschmidt, who remains the current owner and managing director, and distribution manager Pete Lawrence.[1] The company is based in Acton, London.

Cooking Vinyl Records operates as part of the Cooking Vinyl Group, which also comprises Essential Music & Marketing, CV America, Cooking Vinyl Australia, Cooking Vinyl Publishing and Cooking Vinyl Property.[2]


Originally orientated towards contemporary folk music, one of Cooking Vinyl’s first releases was US folk artist Michelle Shocked’s The Texas Campfire Tapes, famously recorded on a Sony Walkman with fading batteries, which went on to achieve international sales of over 250,000.[3]

Since then, Cooking Vinyl Records has grown and diversified into releasing rock, metal, indie, punk and electronica. Notably, in 2009 Cooking Vinyl partnered with Ingenious Media to release The Prodigy's fifth studio album Invaders Must Die, which went on to sell 1.2 million units worldwide and was the biggest-selling independent record of the year in Europe.[4]

As well as its more traditional royalty agreements, Cooking Vinyl is widely regarded as a pioneer of ‘artist services’ deals where the artist retains ownership of the copyrights.[5] The company’s first such deal came in 1993 with a reissue of Billy Bragg's Back to Basics compilation.[6] Since then, Bragg has re-signed to Cooking Vinyl a total of six times, most recently in 2013 for the release of studio album Tooth & Nail.[7]


Hot Pot Music[edit]

The Hot Pot Music subsidiary was set up in 2004 with the intention of reissuing out-of-print reggae and dub albums.


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