Cool as Fuck

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Cool as Fuck
EP by Inspiral Carpets
Released May 1990
Recorded February-September 1989
Square One
Genre Progressive rock, Madchester
Length 26:40

Cool as Fuck (printed on the sleeve as Cool as ****) is a 1990 5 track[1] EP by the Manchester baggy group Inspiral Carpets. It is also a slogan featured on a series of the band's tee-shirts, that were reputed to have sold more copies than their albums, combined.

It was released as a 12" LP, a CD and a cassette. The cassette had all 5 songs on both sides. The EP was only released in the US.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Joe"   3:28
2. "Find Out Why"   2:06
3. "So Far"   2:11
4. "Out of Time"   2:21
5. "Plane Crash"   16:35

Tracks 2, 3 and 5 were previously released in 1989 as a UK single for "Find Out Why". Track 1 was previously a single in the UK, and track 4 was released as a B-side for "Move". A slightly modified version of the cover art from that single is used here. On track 5, at the 10:06 mark, a member can be heard saying "We've got 10 minutes", and the song, recorded live in the studio, ends abruptly.

Tracks 3 through 5 were released on the Keep the Circle: B-Sides and Udder Stuff web-only compilation in 2007.


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