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Coombe is an alternate spelling of combe.

It may also refer to:


In England[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Coombe Hall (1871–1932), Scottish footballer who played for Blackburn Rovers
  • Coombe Abbey, a hotel converted from a historic country house near Coventry
  • Coombe Boys' School, a secondary school with academy status located in New Malden, South-West London, England
  • Coombe Clipless Pedal, a high performance clipless bicycle pedal
  • Coombe Dean School, a specialist secondary school located in Plymouth, Devon, England
  • Coombe Girls' School, an all-female secondary school in New Malden, South-West London, England
  • Coombe Women's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland - A women's Hospital, mainly maternity services, established in 1829

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