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Each Copa América since 1987 has its own mascot. Gardelito, the mascot for the 1987 competition, was the first Copa América mascot. The mascot designs show some representing a characteristic feature (costume, flora, fauna, etc.) of the host country.

The Copa América mascot is frequently one or more anthropomorphic characters targeted at children with cartoon shows and other merchandise released to coincide with the competition.

Edition Mascot Description
Argentina 1987 Gardelito A handsome, manly little doll representing the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel, an Argentine idol.
Brazil 1989 Tico
Chile 1991 Guaso A Drawing of a Huaso with the colors of the flag of Chile
Ecuador 1993 Choclito A Corn with the colors of the flag of Ecuador
Uruguay 1995 Torito
Bolivia 1997 Tatu
Paraguay 1999 Tagua A type of wild boar, a symbol of the Gran Chaco region with an arid and hostile climate.
Colombia 2001 Ameriko
Peru 2004 Chasqui
Venezuela 2007 Guaky A Scarlet Macaw, a bird representative of Venezuela. He wore the traditional jersey Venezuela national football team burgundy and football shoes. Under their wings the characteristic tricolor national flag, with its eight stars on their wings.
Argentina 2011 Tangolero[1] An American Rhea (ñandú). Its name is a portmanteau which combines the words tango and gol (Spanish for goal); a literal translation could be Tangoaler.


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