Copa Presidente

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Copa Presidente
Region El Salvador El Salvador
Number of teams 32
Current champions Once Municipal
Most successful club(s) C.D. Águila
Atlético Balboa
Once Municipal(1 title each)

The Copa Presidente was the knock-out cup competition football tournament in El Salvador. It pitts teams from the first, second and third division.

Performance by club[edit]


Club Winners Runners-up Winning Years
C.D. Águila 1 1 1999-00
Atlético Balboa 1 0 2005-06
Once Municipal 1 0 2006-07


Year Champion Score Runner-up Goalscorers for the Champion Goalscorers for the runner up Manager
1999–2000 C.D. Águila
C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo *Argentina Adrian Mahia x2 *Peru Paul Comiges Brazil Celio Rodríguez x2 Argentina Hugo Coria
2005–2006 Atlético Balboa
Independiente Nacional 1906 El Salvador Nelson Reyes x2 None Argentina Jorge Alberto García
2006–2007 Once Municipal
C.D. Águila El Salvador Mario Deras None El Salvador Nelson Ancheta

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