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The Copa Rio (English: Rio Cup), was created in 1991 by the Rio de Janeiro State Football Federation to decide one of the Rio de Janeiro's Copa do Brasil representatives of the following year (the other being the Campeonato Carioca champion). If the state champion had also won Copa Rio, the representative would have been the tournament runner-up.

However, in 1995 the Brazilian Football Confederation established the possibility of a club being invited to dispute Copa do Brasil, and, as a consequence of this, Copa Rio ended up not being interesting for the big teams, so it was discontinued.

In 1996 and 1997, the competition was replaced by a similar competition disputed only by Rio de Janeiro state countryside clubs, commonly known as Copa do Interior (Portuguese for Countryside Cup).

In 1998, there was an attempt to recreate Copa Rio, but without the qualification to Copa do Brasil. This attempt was a failure, and after three years, the competition was discontinued again.

In 2005 and in 2007, the competition was held again, but without the participation of the big clubs of the state, and again without qualification to Copa do Brasil.

In 2008, the third-placed team (Madureira) was eligible to play in Copa Rio-Espírito Santo.[1]


Year Champion
1991 Flamengo
1992 Vasco da Gama
1993 Vasco da Gama
1994 Volta Redonda
1995 Volta Redonda
1998 Fluminense
1999 Volta Redonda
2000 Portuguesa
2005 Tigres do Brasil
2007 Volta Redonda
2008 Nova Iguaçu
2009 Tigres do Brasil
2010 Sendas
2011 Madureira
2012 Nova Iguaçu
2013 Duque de Caxias

Titles by team[edit]

Club Titles
Volta Redonda 4 titles
Nova Iguaçu 2 titles
Vasco da Gama 2 titles
Tigres do Brasil 2 titles
Flamengo 1 title
Fluminense 1 title
Madureira 1 title
Portuguesa 1 title
Sendas 1 title
Duque de Caxias 1 title

Copa do Interior[edit]

List of champions[edit]

Year Champion
1996 Rubro Social
1997 Duquecaxiense

Titles by team[edit]

Club Titles
Duquecaxiense 1 title
Rubro Social 1 title

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